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What is construction?

Construction implies construction of various buildings and structures. In addition, capital and current repairs, reconstruction, restoration and renovation are also considered to be construction. The result of any construction is a finished erected building with a complete set of accompanying documents. Let's talk more about what construction is, consider its different types.

Construction sites

Among the main construction objects emit buildings and structures.


Buildings - surround systems. They are characterized by the presence of underground and above-ground parts (residential and industrial premises, communication networks, systems that are designed for comfortable living of a group of people). Buildings can be built according to the following schemes:

  • wall schemes with planar characteristics;
  • frame - buildings are assembled from numerous beams, racks, as well as floors.
  • volume-block schemes (buildings are built from special cells-blocks, which are created in the factory).

Today, there are also such schemes:

  • combined - developers use several schemes that are harmoniously combined with each other;
  • stem - a kind of frame, where the core of stiffness acts as a carrier element;
  • shell - all enclosing elements form a common shell.

The bearing skeleton of houses erected in accordance with the frame and wall system may be prefabricated (using individual elements created in the factory) or monolithic (numerous parts are formed directly on the construction site).


Structures - planar, three-dimensional, as well as linear structures, which are characterized by the presence of above-ground, above-ground and underground parts. This construction object provides for the use of not only bearing, but also enclosing structures. Facilities are used to perform all kinds of production processes. In particular, for storage of goods, short stay of people, transportation of goods, etc., for example:

  • cable facilities;
  • power lines;
  • trails;
  • pipelines;
  • railways.

Types of construction

There are quite a few different types of construction, but among the main ones there are the following:

  • share building;
  • capital construction;
  • Construction in progress.

Share building

This type of construction is a type of investment activity in the construction industry, when an investment or construction company (developer) invests the finances of participatory construction companies for the construction of various real estate objects. When the presented object receives permission for commissioning, the developer must give it to each participant.

Capital construction

Construction of this type is the construction of various objects. For him, without fail, it is necessary to perform installation and earthworks (construction of the foundation and various engineering communications, the creation of enclosing and supporting structures).


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