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What is a conversion?

Alexander Yulin
Alexander Yulin
February 26, 2013
What is a conversion?

A term such as conversion can easily be encountered when obtaining a practical task at work. Therefore, it is important to know what a conversion is.

In general terms, conversion (“transformation” from Latin) is the replacement of one commodity, service, or material value by another through a substantial transformation of the original conditions. Examples may be mass. Consider the most common.

What is currency conversion?

This type of conversion is popular in every central bank of all states. To replenish its reserves, the national currency is changed to foreign or gold. Thus, a quantitative indicator, an indicator of the real value or form of reserves (gold is not paper, the dollar is not the ruble). There is a replacement of the financial reserve with an absolute change in its performance. That's what currency conversion is.

Currency convertibility is the ability of one currency to be exchanged for another. There are cases when national currencies do not change to foreign.For example, it was in the GDR - the GDR brands could not be freely changed into other currencies, unlike the German brands.

What is MIC conversion?

The conversion of the military-industrial complex is the reorientation of military production to civilian. The conversion of the military-industrial complex on the largest scale took place on the territory of the Soviet Union. The Cold War was lost, the arms race stopped, and military factories began to produce everything, right down to the electric kettle. But most of the military-industrial complex enterprises in different countries have the bi-directionality of their work. For example, military helicopters KA-52 do and did at the same enterprise as multi-purpose civil helicopters.

What is site conversion?

The number of visitors who made a purchase on the site, subscribed to or filled out an appeal form in relation to the total number of unique visitors - this is the conversion of the site. This is an indicator of prospects in the monetization of the site, that is, how much money it will bring to its owners for sale or advertising. Website conversion depends on many factors:

  1. Design. The better it is, the more the visitor lingers on the page.
  2. ContentSite content directly affects the number of visitors and its conversion.
  3. Usability That is, how conveniently the site map and its sections are compiled, the content of the advertisement corresponds to the content. The site should be just what you plan to sell.
  4. Optimized website for search engines. No site will be visited, if it is at the end of 30ki search results.

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