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What is debit?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 7, 2015
What is debit?

Debit - the amount of gas / water / oil / other liquid, which gives the source for a certain period of time. The debit is the main integral characteristic of the source, which is used to determine its ability to generate a product. Before we understand the fact that such a debit, it must be said that the concept should not be confused with another term in the economic sphere - debit. The fact that such a debit can be found in the article What is a loan.

Debit: Main Features

The debit depends on the connection of the source with the adjacent "fruitful" layers (deposits of oil, water, gas, etc.), as well as seasonal conditions. For example, the behavior of groundwater can significantly affect the flow rate.

Flow rate units for liquid sources - l / s (liters per second), m3/cm3/ h, m3per day For gas sources only unit m is used.3per day

Well flow rate

Well flow rate is the volume of production that is extracted from the well per unit of time. The concept of average well flow rate is also used - this is daily production from sources depending on the number of sources.

Companies that drill wells must measure the flow rate of the resulting well and enter this value into the well passport. At the same time, the customer must make sure that the specified number corresponds to his requests. For example, a water well for household needs should have a flow rate of 3.5 m3/ h, this is enough to provide at the same time seven cranes.


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