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What is DVDRip?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
September 28, 2011
What is DVDRip?

You probably saw on the Internet such an abbreviation - DVDRip, right? As a rule, it can be seen on exchangers with movies (such as torrent). What does it mean? Let's try to figure it out, because everything is, in fact, extremely simple. So, now you will know what DVDRip is.

Imagine such a situation. On the screens of all cinemas in the world came a new blockbuster from a famous Hollywood director, with the participation of the brightest stars of the film industry. The film has collected simply stunning funds that have exceeded the picture's budget several times. The film's producers immediately realized that the film was appreciated, and the audience will probably want to see it again. How to make it to show it again? Very simple - you need to release the film on DVDs and distribute it in all countries where the picture is a success. So it is done in modern cinema. After the premiere in the cinema hall, you usually have to wait several months for a disc with your favorite movie to appear on the shelves of video services and stores.

The man who did not spare the money to buy the disc decides to share this film on the Internet with other users.To do this, he creates a copy of the disk in electronic form, which is called DVDRip. In other words, this is Rip from the original DVD. Often compressed to MPEG4 to reduce file size. Basically, there are DVDRip of about 600-700 MB or 1.3-1.5 GB. Quality is good, although it depends on the skill level of the creator. Sometimes versions with even better quality are referred to as SuperDVD or HQ DVD. DVDRip is a very common movie format on the Internet. If possible, download movies in such quality, at least.


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