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What is extra?

March 19, 2015
What is extra?

There are many words in Russian that have the same beginning. This is due to the use of prefixes, which are often used to form new words. Such a prefix can be considered "extra". Let's take a closer look at what extra is and also give some examples of words with this prefix.

The value of "extra" is: what is characterized by the best quality, the highest grade. Extra is the best of the best. Also, "extra" means going beyond something. Depending on the words for the formation of which this prefix is ​​used, one can speak of more specific meanings.

  • Extra class - means something of the best quality, beyond praise. Synonyms: miracle, superclass, treasure, etc. Example: "Party - extra-class!".
  • Extraordinary. One of the meanings is an exceptional one that goes beyond the usual understanding. Example: "This is an extraordinary person."
  • "Extra" can also be used to form adjectives. In advertising, for example, when presenting a new hairspray, they can say about him that he gives extra-strong fixation.In this case, the adjective "extrasilic" indicates that the varnish gives the most stable fixation.

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