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What is good wine?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
October 13, 2014
What is good wine?

Disputes about the benefits of wine are not the first century. Today, medical scientists are convinced of the beneficial effects of wine on the human body, subject to certain measures. Speaking of how useful wine is, it means a natural drink of high quality, and not a falsified product.

White wine

White wine contains natural organic acids that stimulate the digestive system and help the proper absorption of protein foods.

White wine contains caffeic acid, which facilitates sputum discharge in case of broncho-pulmonary diseases.

Oddly enough, this alcoholic drink is very useful for older people. First, it is a good remedy for the prevention of cataracts. Secondly, white wine reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Thirdly, it improves brain activity (thinking and memory).

What is useful red wine

The presence of natural antioxidants in red wine allows its use for the treatment and prevention of malignant tumors.In the course of medical research, the process of self-destruction of cancer cells was recorded with regular consumption of red wine.

Red wine can reduce cholesterol in the blood, thereby protecting the body from heart attack and stroke. While the density of "healthy" cholesterol increases.

Red wines contain resveratrol, which dilutes blood and prevents blood clots from forming in blood vessels.

The use of red wine is recommended for tuberculosis, anemia, vitamin deficiency, insomnia, to restore exhausted body.

The wine has pronounced antibacterial properties. In addition to tubercle bacilli, it kills bacteria of cholera, malaria, etc.

Therapeutic dose of wine

After learning about the healing properties of wine, many wonder: Every day to drink wine is useful. The insidiousness of wine lies in the fact that consuming a small amount kindles further desire. But wine, like drugs, there is a therapeutic dose, which depends on the age, complexion and state of human health. In any case, the daily volume should not exceed 150-200 ml.


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