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What is harmful green tea?

Green tea is a tea that is obtained by a special processing method. Its fermentation is stopped immediately after harvest and is exposed to hot steam. Varieties of green tea are varied. They depend on the varieties of tea bushes, from which its leaves are collected.

Hailing green tea from China. Nowadays it is very common in the west, where black tea used to be traditional.

Just recently, the people of Russia learned about the benefits of green tea: it is so rich in vitamins that it saves literally from all ailments. It promotes weight loss, relieves hangover syndrome, rejuvenates the skin, protects against the harmful effects of a computer, lowers blood pressure, increases efficiency, promotes digestion and removes harmful substances from the body. And there are many, many things for which he is so loved and appreciated throughout the world.

Green tea began to be sold everywhere in Russia, and we, of course, began to buy and use it in unlimited quantities. Naturally, no one thought that green tea could be harmful.

What is the harm of green tea?

There are side effects from drinking green tea. This is a retardation of thinking, blurred thoughts, cardiac arrhythmia. But why is drinking green tea harmful? After all, he is an excellent substitute for coffee or black tea.

Basically, it is not advised to drink green tea to pregnant women (due to the high caffeine content, which can adversely affect the development of the fetus) and the elderly (due to the general weakness of the body). His excessive consumption is accompanied by tremor (trembling) of the fingers, insomnia, weakening of the body.

Also, do not recommend drinking green tea, if you have a high temperature, a tendency to hypertension or a stomach ulcer.

Harmful properties of green tea can increase significantly if you insist on it for a long time. But how much specifically you need to properly brew green tea is not installed. We can only say with confidence that it is better to brew green tea every time before drinking it. Do not add boiling water to old tea leaves, because the vitamins are lost anyway, and we don’t need harmful microorganisms that multiply in the old tea leaves. But this yesterday’s solution can wipe the skin of the face and hands and even bury it in the eyes. The skin will rejuvenate, and the whites of the eyes will get rid of redness.

It should be added that it is not recommended to drink green tea before meals and immediately after it, wait about 30-40 minutes in order not to slow down the digestive processes of the body. Do not drink very hot green tea, it adversely affects the state of the stomach and esophagus.

American scientists, conducting their research, came to the conclusion that the constant use of such tea harms the kidneys and the liver. This is due to the fact that the excessive use of green tea in the body accumulates the substance polyphenol (it is a useful bacterium, but its high content depletes the body), which adversely affects these internal organs.

There is an opinion that green tea is harmful for men. This fact has not been established scientifically, green tea does not cause direct harm to men's health and male power. For men, it has as many beneficial and harmful properties as it does for women. So, dear men, use moderately.

I conclude that if you moderately use green tea, moreover, if it is not hot and not real, then it is more useful than harmful. Unless, of course, you do not suffer from the above diseases.I think that we have understood that green tea is harmful or useful. Drink it with lemon or honey and be healthy!


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