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What is humanity?

From early childhood, parents, raising a child, have focused on the development of such qualities as kindness, respect, patience, empathy and empathy towards other people. Taken together, these moral characteristics reflect humanity.

In this article we will describe what humanity is and give examples of its manifestation.

Definition of humanity

Humanity is a caring and caring attitude to other people. This is the ability of compassion and willingness to help in difficult times.

Humaneness is expressed in respect and tolerance, as well as a benevolent attitude not only towards one’s loved ones, but also towards strangers. In addition, humanity implies self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

Simply put, humanity is nothing more than humanism, that is, a human relationship to others. The concept of humanism can be found in our article What is humanism.

Humanity in aggregate is love, nobility, kindness, modesty, honesty, sincerity.

Another ancient Chinese thinker Confucius noted that "He will be human, who can embody five virtues everywhere: reverence, generosity, truthfulness, sharpness, kindness."

And the French writer and philosopher Claude Adrian Helvetius said that "Humanity is a sensible feeling, only upbringing develops and strengthens it."

This feeling parents should vaccinate the child from an early age. And then each person develops and strengthens it in himself independently.

It is important to understand that without humanity the inner beauty of man is impossible.


Most importantly, thanks to humanity, the world is getting better.

Good deeds, thoughts and actions give hope for a bright future. In addition, humanity helps to gain willpower to do useful things.

Thanks to humanity, evil and self-interest are gone, leaving room for love, care and good intentions.

Humaneness gives faith in the individual and all of humanity as a whole.

Examples of humanity

  • The most vivid example is charity and volunteering. These actions are aimed at selfless assistance to the needy.You can help the poor and the sick, children and the elderly, people with disabilities, the homeless, animals. By helping others, you contribute to solving other people's problems;
  • Another example is family relationships and values. Parents' love for children, children for parents, the relationship of spouses to each other;
  • In addition, humanity often takes place in some professions. For example, doctors, firefighters, rescuers, teachers.

Examples of humanity can be clearly seen from the photos, if you go to. Each photo represents love, despite the cruel circumstances.

How to develop humanity

  1. Participate in charity events.
  2. Become a volunteer.
  3. Genuinely interested in the lives of others.
  4. Offer your help and do not expect any thanks in return.
  5. Do not remain indifferent to the grief of others.
  6. Forgive people of their mistakes and do not keep them evil.
  7. Visit the psychological training that will help to understand other people.

We advise you to read the following books

  • (Vladimir Dmitrievich Shadrikov);
  • (Yakov Abramovich Milner-Irinin).

Books tell about the nature of man and his qualities. The authors reveal the moral laws of mankind and tell about the evolution from instincts to the spiritual world.


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