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What is hunting?

Fishing, entertainment, source of income - whatever the hunt, it existed at all times. Appearing in ancient times, this phenomenon has undergone changes, but remains part of the lives of many people to this day.

Let's talk more about what hunting means.

What is hunting: the definition

Hunting is the pursuit, capture and slaughter of wild animals and birds in order to obtain a source of food, valuable fur, or for entertainment. In some cases, captured animals are not killed, but used for demonstration in a zoo or a circus in order to attract the public.

Hunting as fishing

Since ancient times, people looked at hunting as an opportunity to get fresh meat. Despite the primitive murder weapon, cave dwellers easily cracked down on animals. Sharp tips came to replace the stone arrows; gradually, a more serious weapon appeared that hit the target accurately, but the essence did not change - mankind hunted for animals in order to get meat.

Later, people found that the skins of wild animals are also valuable because they protect from the cold.Therefore, the beaver, marten, sable, fox and other fur-bearing animals became the subject of human hunting, so that their fur served as a commodity or material for the manufacture of outerwear. And today, many people hunt precisely for the purpose of obtaining valuable fur of wild animals.

Hunting as entertainment

If for the middle class or the poor, hunting was a trade, then the royal society and the nobility perceived it as entertainment. In the intervals between the balls, noble people went hunting not so much to catch an animal as to show their courage and strength. Very often, the killed animal was not even touched, leaving it to lie in the place where it was overtaken by an arrow. Sometimes they took him as a trophy. For the nobles and boyars, it was important to show their valor, so hunting was perceived as a competition and a fashionable sport.

Today, many people also go hunting to have a good time. This entertainment, according to avid hunters, allows them to feel like getters. Relentlessly tracking the beast, they feel a surge of energy and strength, so not the trophy itself, but the process of hunting is the main goal.

Hound, Gun, Falconry

At different times there were different types of hunting. For example, hound hunting involved the use of dogs that brought killed game to a hunter. Most often, the rich landlords were so amused. In their kennels they kept dozens of dogs, among which the hound was assigned a special role. Swift and active dogs, they were able to tirelessly pursue prey, until she was exhausted. The hunted animal ceased to resist and was easily reached by the hunter.

Falconry took place with the participation of birds of prey. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, almost any winged predator, be it an eagle or a hawk, was called a falcon. Noble people skillfully tamed the birds and prepared them for the hunt. As soon as the game appeared, the bird dived to the ground and grabbed the victim with clawed paws. When the host appeared, the falcon released the prey, passing it to the hunter.

With the advent of gun hunting, the interest in birds disappeared. The use of a gun facilitated hunting and increased the chances of catching large prey. To this day, people use weapons to get one or another animal.


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