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What is patter?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 28, 2013
What is patter?

All learned tongue twisters, but few know what a tongue twister is. A patter is a syntactically short regular phrase, spoken in any language with specially complicated articulation. The patter contains close in sound, but different phonemes (for example, w and c) and difficult for pronunciation pronunciation combinations. Often tongue twisters contain rhymes and alliterations. Speech therapists adhere to a different name for this type of speech art - a chatter.

What are tongue twisters for?

Speakers are used to practice pronunciation and diction. Speakers are ideal for differentiating and training automatic pronunciation. For greater development of the speech apparatus, it is recommended to say tongue twisters with a change in the rate of speech and volume, that is, in a low, loud or whisper, slowly or quickly. But the main task when reading tongue twisters is to do it clearly and cleanly, with deep, full articulation, regardless of volume and speed of speech.Politicians, actors, and other public figures are well acquainted with this type of literary work and the miracle that occurs with their articulation, diction and manner of speech after several hard lessons with a good speech therapist.

Tongue twisters are complex and simple, in prose and in verse, without plot and with plot, absurd and logical, with repetitions and without them. Speakers can be designed for adult and child perception. Few genres of literature can present such a huge variety as the genre of tongue twisters. Skorogovorki can be easily learned, so children remember them without difficulty.

Examples of tongue twisters:

  • Krala Clara snuck up to Lara.
  • Our Polkan fell into the trap.
  • Two puppy cheek to cheek tweaked brush on the shield.

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