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What is programming?

February 3, 2015
What is programming?

In the age of computer technology, many terms and concepts have arisen that are associated with this medium. Many people of the older generation hardly understand these terms, because technical progress has occurred very quickly, and not everyone has been able to keep up with them. Therefore, such concepts as programming, programmer, programming language and other computer terms related to this sphere are not always known even to computer users and cannot always explain them correctly.

Consider further these concepts.


Programming is the creation of computer programs that perform some function in the software environment of a computer. Consequently, a programmer is a person who creates these programs.

Programmers have created a Windows operating system, computer games and many other programs that we use in everyday life.

Programming language

A programming language is a kind of system of signs and rules, like modern languages, but only for computers with the help of which computer programs are created.Since the advent of computers, more than eight thousand programming languages ​​have been invented, including completely non-standard languages ​​based on visual data.

Without a programming language, it is impossible to write a program that would work, because a programming language acts as a program structure and process organizer. Without rules it is impossible to create a working program structure.

What is the essence of programming

The importance of programming today is hard to overestimate, because without programs, no system, computer and other electronic things would work. When turned on, any computer starts the activation process of certain programs so that the user can use the computing power of computers. Any computer game is a set of programs that work together in one system.

To get any program, the programmer writes in the desired programming language a sequence of actions and functions of the program. After that, it checks the performance of the program to avoid errors. Today, many programs are very complex and huge. Often they are written for several days or even months.


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