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What is rock?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
March 17, 2015
What is rock?

Rock is a generalized name for music trends that began in the mid-50s of the last century. One of the first works in this genre is the music composition of Link Ray, sounded in 1957. The musician used the fuzz effect (distortion of the timbre of the incoming sound), which adds sharpness to the sound of an electric guitar.

The center of origin and development of rock is considered to be the United Kingdom, where, under the influence of folk songs, groups were created that perform music in a new format.

What is rock as a musical genre

The name of the genre itself (“rock” - download) indicates the rhythm of music. Despite the variety of directions, the main feature of the rock is the rhythm, which is set by the drum set, bass guitar and rhythm guitar. The parts of electric guitars and other instruments used by the groups (violin, keyboard, wind instruments) create melody.

Characteristic for rock compositions are electric guitar manipulation techniques that allow you to change the sound: a sharp limitation of the signal amplitude (distortion,overdrive and fuzz - a “roar” effect is achieved), mixing signals for different periods of time (reverb - a booming sound or an echo - depending on the length of the delay).

Rock Opera - One of the Rock's Directions

The variety of styles and trends of rock music is explained by the desire of musicians to go beyond the limits of the limited genre. So, for example, what is rock opera can be understood by combining the contents of two musical genres: rock as a musical format and opera as a stage work. In other words, there are music characteristic for rock, plot, and performing parts.

The first work in this direction is the album of The Who "Tommy" (1969), on the cover of which its status was defined "rock opera". The most popular piece in this genre is “Jesus Christ - Superstar” (1970).


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