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What is savannah?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 25, 2013
What is savannah?

Many have heard of this kind of landscape, like savanna. That is savanna, our article will tell. Savannas are large spaces that are in the subequatorial climate zone. They are usually covered with grass vegetation, but there are rare trees and shrubs. In the subequatorial climate, there is a sharp division of the year into rainy and dry seasons.

Savannah climate

Savannah is a sea of ​​grasses with islands of trees that have umbrella crowns. Vast areas of these natural communities are located in Africa, South America, Australia and India. A distinctive feature of savannas is the alternation of wet and dry seasons, which take about six months, changing one another. Everyone knows that for tropical and subtropical latitudes, in which savannas are located, there is a characteristic change of two air masses - dry tropical and wet equatorial.

Also, monsoon winds, which bring seasonal rain, have a significant impact on the savannah climate.Since these landscapes are located between the dry zones of the desert and the wet zones of the equatorial forests, they are constantly under the influence of both. Moisture is not kept long in savannah in order to grow multi-tiered forests there. Also dry winter periods, which last 2-3 months, do not allow the savannah to turn into a desert.

Savannah areas are very large, which is why the vegetation differs slightly on their northern and southern borders. The savannas, which border on desert zones in northern Africa, are very rich in drought-tolerant small-height herbs, such as acacia and aloe with branched roots. Now you know, savanna what it is!


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