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What is text?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 11, 2013
What is text?

The word "text" is often used in everyday speech. But do we think about its meaning? In the dictionaries you can find different definitions of the text. We can say that as many authors - so many opinions. Let's try to understand what a text is and how the information should be presented in order to be called a text.

The term itself is of Latin origin, in which its meaning is quite multifaceted: "plexus, fabric, combination." These definitions fairly accurately indicate the main characteristics of the text. Indeed, the text can only be called a coherent, consistent statement of thoughts.

The text should consist of sentences. However, a simple set of unrelated phrases cannot be called text. Between sentences, unity and semantic should be observed.

What means this connectivity is achieved? It is necessary to observe both the order of words within a sentence, and the sequence of the phrases themselves, as well as their intonational unity.

An important characteristic of the text is the presence of the theme, the main idea, which is subject to the presentation of thoughts. There is an expression "incoherent text". But based on the above, can such a formulation be used at all? Apparently not, because incoherent presentation is no longer a text.


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