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What is the best climate for allergies?

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Answered 15 December 2014 20:00
I can definitely say only one thing - the sea! From which sea to rest it needs to be checked by sampling, because the body reacts differently to everything. Someone incredibly helps the climate of the Dead Sea, and someone from the Baltic marked improvements. An even greater role is played by what the person is allergic to. If it is food, then the choice of climatic zones expands significantly, and here everything depends on the quality of the food. I have a friend who suffers all her life from some sort of allergy, in my opinion she has everything. She felt better when she stayed with her sister in the Chelyabinsk region. The mountains say they acted there, the air is some kind of special, He is thinking of moving there. To choose the climate for those with allergies, you need to travel a little, where you feel best, then you’ve found your climate.

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