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What is the difference between epilation and depilation

You will need
  • Razor, depilatory cream, wax, electric epilator.
Depilation is the process of removing unwanted body hair. In this case, it becomes possible to remove only that part of them that protrudes above the surface of the skin. For this procedure, use a razor or hair removal cream. Use only high-quality razors and always moisturize the skin before shaving.
Remember that razor hair removal provokes their growth. At the same time they become darker and thicker. In addition, shaving gives a very short-term effect. That is why modern cosmetologists advise to choose more effective and safe methods of depilation.
When removing hair with depilatory creams, use only high-quality cosmetic products. Before use, apply a little cream on the inner surface of the elbow.If within 10-15 minutes there are no allergic reactions, you can apply the cream to those areas from which you want to remove hair. Accurately follow the instructions laid to the cream. If you do not comply with the exposure time of the composition on the skin, it can cause severe allergies.
Remember that after depilating hair cream should not sunbathe in the sun or in a tanning bed for 12 hours. Carrying out this procedure will save you from unwanted vegetation on the body for only 5-7 days, after which you will have to repeat the process.
To get rid of hair for a longer period, try replacing depilation with epilation. The effect of it persists for several weeks. This is made possible by the removal or complete destruction of the hair follicles.
The most common type of hair removal is waxing. Sign up for a similar procedure in a beauty salon or get a wax and perform hair removal at home. It is quite painful, but the effect of it exceeds all expectations. To reduce pain, you can steam the body shortly before epilation, wipe some of its parts with a special cream that reduces skin sensitivity.
You can purchase a special electric epilator, which is very convenient to use at home.Despite the fact that it is quite expensive, this method of hair removal is considered economical, since the service life of a household appliance is very long.
To get rid of unwanted hair once and for all, sign up for a procedure of photo-epilation or laser hair removal in a beauty salon. In just a few sessions, the hair follicles will collapse and the hair will stop growing.

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