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What is the longest river?

Nikolay Golovatyuk
Nikolay Golovatyuk
December 27, 2012
What is the longest river?

The land is rich in surface waters, which include rivers. Like veins twine around a man’s body, so do rivers run around the surface of the Earth. For a person, rivers play the role of transport, suppliers of fresh water, sources of beauty and inspiration. The larger the river, the more benefit a person can get from it. Not long ago, the Nile was considered to be the longest river, but today, when asked which is the longest river in the world, the majority will answer differently.


The reasons for the changes were laid back in 1960, when the Aswan Dam was built on the Nile, which made the river a bit shorter. And more recently, the countdown of the length of the Amazon is from the source Ukayali, which increased the length of the river to 6992 km. In addition, it is the deepest river in the world. Thanks to tropical rainfall, it brings 643 billion liters of water to the Atlantic Ocean every hour. The total length of the river together with its 500 tributaries will be 25,000 km.


Since ancient times, the Egyptians proudly called it "Itera" (big river). The length is 6852 km. Crosses ten countries.Only thanks to the Nile, some people were able to survive in the harsh conditions of the desert climate.


Holds the primacy of the longest river of Eurasia (6,418 km.). People who lived on the banks of the river in ancient times did not see each other and called the river differently. The current name comes from the word that was first heard by European merchants.


The fourth longest river in the world, the longest river in North America. It is also famous for carrying the largest amount of silt into the sea - 211 million m3in year.


The waterway, which will occupy the first place in the ranking of what is the longest river in Russia (5 539 km). In addition, it is the largest river system that flows into the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Yellow river

Yellow River (5 463 km). Received its name for the color of water. Translated from Chinese, it means “woe to the sons of Khan”, indicating frequent bottling. Over the past 2000 years, more than 1,000 times overflowed and at least 20 times changed its course.


The representative of Western Siberia has a length of 5410km. More than 50 species of fish live in its waters, half of which are commercial. Including - sturgeon, sturgeon, nelma.

La Plata

"Resident" of South America.It flows through the territory of three countries - Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The length is 4 880km.

The congo

The largest river in Central Africa (4 770 km) and the deepest in the world. The world's largest hydropower reserves are 390 GW.


It flows through the territory of Russia and the border between Russia and China. The longest border river in the world is more than 2000 km. Overall length - 2824km.

This is a brief overview of the question: what is the longest river. You are presented only the longest rivers in the world and their unique characteristics.


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