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What is the thickness of the insulation?

Comfortable living conditions depend on many factors. So, an important role is played by sufficient illumination, acceptable temperature conditions, a certain percentage of air humidity and, of course, much more.

As for the comfort temperature in the living room, in this case not only the presence of central or other heating, but also the well-made insulation of the object plays an essential role.

Factors affecting the calculation of the thickness of the insulation

One of the leading roles in the creation of proper thermal insulation can be safely given to carrying out heat engineering works, which are usually carried out in accordance with the norms and recommendations (SNiPs), which give clear instructions on how thick the insulation should be. Moreover, each region has its own characteristics, which take into account a number of factors, and in particular, average temperatures in winter and summer.

What thickness of insulation will be in this particular case, also depends on a number of other significant indicators:

  • As previously indicated from the region (of course, the temperature conditions of Moscow and the cities of the Far North differ significantly).
  • On the type of institution (for example, the calculation of the thickness of insulation for premises in a medical institution, or a boarding school will differ from those permitted for administrative buildings).
  • Also, when drawing up a plan for thermal insulation works, the presence of increased dryness in the room is taken into account.
  • Influences the calculation of the thickness of the insulation and indicators of the desired internal temperature in the room, etc.
  • In addition, it is necessary to indicate the type of enclosing structure to which a layer of insulation will be attached (for example, insulation of the roof over unheated rooms will certainly require more material for insulation, etc.).
  • In the formula for calculation during the heat technology works, the duration of the heating season in this particular region will also be taken into account.

A little more about the warming of the house

The formula by which the thickness of the insulation layer is calculated can be found in the corresponding building codes for building climatology, thermal protection of buildings, etc.Its essence is reduced to taking into account the calculated resistance of heat transfer for a particular region and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material. This calculation formula allows to take into account the possibility of the materials of which the roof, walls, floors are made to keep heat in a particular region. Thus, knowing this coefficient, the layer of insulation can be calculated independently.

It should be noted that the calculated resistance to heat transfer may vary significantly in different countries and regions within the same country.

As a rule, when planning the laying of a heater, the peculiarity should be taken into account, for example, that a wall may consist of several layers: brick, plaster, etc. Accordingly, in the production of calculations indicators are summarized. Ideally, probably, such calculations should be made by experienced specialists, however, everyone should have an idea of ​​how this should be in theory, especially if you are planning to build a cottage, etc. Properly made insulation will help you not only to keep the heat in the house, but also significantly save on the costs associated with heating and wear of your building.Thus, knowing how to calculate the thickness of the insulation, you can increase the energy efficiency of your building.

Of course, the insulation work must be complex, since it is impossible to insulate only a piece of the wall, this can lead to the formation of condensate, dampness and the appearance of fungus. In addition, do not forget about the quality of materials. So, the use of foam as a heater is not the most promising option.

Warm to you at home!


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