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What is theory?

March 18, 2015
What is theory?

The word "theory" has several meanings depending on the application. For example, the phrase "economic theory" can often be heard when discussing economic problems.

Let us further consider in more detail what theory is and where this word is used.

What does the word "theory" mean

The word "theory" came from the ancient Greek language and means "research, consideration of something." The word itself has today three meanings that are often used in various fields:

  1. A theory is a teaching, a system of ideas or principles. Scientists create theories and then test them for accuracy. Often the theory arises from logical reasoning. If the theory is confirmed by scientific data, then it becomes a theorem and forever becomes part of science. This meaning of the word "theory" is the most popular and is often used in educational and scientific institutions, as well as in scientific discussions.
  2. Economic theory is the science of choosing the optimal way to solve the problem of the unlimited needs of people when using limited resources.
  3. Often people by theory imply assumption, opinion and view on some events and things. Theories arise from people's observations of events in the outside world, so the theories can be varied and vary among themselves, because each person has his own theory.

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