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What is useful avocado?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
July 10, 2012
What is useful avocado?

Mom told us all in childhood that fruits and vegetables are healthy. In apples - iron, in oranges and lemons - vitamin C. But I didn’t have to say something about the benefits of avocados. Although it has almost more benefits than other fruits.

Overseas Egg

The egg - this is how the word "avocado" is translated into Russian from the ancient Aztec. Wise Indians gave this name not only in honor of the shape of the fruit. Not everyone knows that growing avocados in pairs - two fruits in a bunch. And one of its useful properties is to increase the potency in men.

Avocado instead of bread

This product is so rich in healthy vegetable fats, vitamins and minerals that it can easily replace such an important element for our diet as bread. Calorie avocado - 234 kcal., Which is quite high for the fruit. But energy does not appear due to carbohydrates, but due to proteins and fats, of which there are a lot of them.

Avocados are ideal for those who watch their figure.It quickly satisfies hunger and is slowly absorbed by the body, giving a feeling of fullness.

Useful properties of avocado

Avocado is hypoallergenic in its structure, and therefore its flesh should be used when weaning a child from the breast. Especially since ripe avocados are quite delicate in taste.

Another plus avocado - the presence of proteins, which allows it to replace meat or eggs and build muscle. This is important for both children and adults.

In addition, the composition of avocado includes oleic acid, which helps break down cholesterol, which is considered the main problem of the 21st century, according to many doctors.

Good avocado and for the prevention of the following diseases:

  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • diabetes;
  • to improve memory;
  • blood vessels;
  • with anemia;
  • with cancer.

Well, the benefits of avocado masks for face, hair and body can talk for hours! Products of this type never come off the shelves. Avocado makes the skin younger and nourishes it with vitamins. It also nourishes the hair from the root to the ends. Together with the avocado, you can forget about dry skin.

These and many other properties of avocado allow you to safely call it a natural pharmacy in one small fruit. Now you know the benefits of avocados.


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