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What is useful dogwood?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
October 9, 2014
What is useful dogwood?

Cornel - a plant in the form of a tall shrub with small oblong fruits, usually red. What is useful dogwood?

Cornel berries are a fairly low-calorie product that can be recommended in the dietary diet of both adults and children.

Cornel fruits contain many beneficial substances:

  • organic acids
  • fructose
  • tannins
  • essential oils
  • pectins, etc.

The components contained in cornels normalize the metabolism and promote the removal of harmful metabolic products from the body. Also, when these berries are eaten, normalization of high blood pressure occurs, venous insufficiency and edema are reduced.

Dogwood is also recommended to eat with the potential for poisoning, for example, in mercury vapor, lead and other harmful toxic substances.

With the help of berries, dogwood can improve appetite, normalize metabolism, especially with a tendency to diabetes.

Infusions from berries of a cornel can be useful at diseases of a digestive tract, bleedings, and also at diseases of an oral cavity, gums. Kissel from cornel fruits can be given to children with diarrhea to normalize stools.

Another field of application for dogwood is skin diseases, such as eczema.


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