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What items to take on the designer?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
February 15, 2013
What items to take on the designer?

In order to find out exactly what items are needed for admission to a designer, we advise you first to know the very essence of this profession, as well as creative activities.

By design is meant a special creative activity. Its purpose is to determine the qualities of various industrial products. Quality data may include external features of the product, functional or structural relationships. They can turn the product into a single whole from the point of view of the consumer and the manufacturer. Today, the design seeks to cover almost all aspects of the human environment, which may be due to industrial production.

After we figured out what design is, we need to go to the definition of “designer”. This is a person who is engaged in artistic and technical activities, which can be located within any branch of design. Thanks to this definition, we can already intuitively determine for ourselveswhat items to take on the designer.

What you need to know for admission

  1. Russian language, which is considered mandatory, regardless of specialization.
  2. In addition to the compulsory subject in many universities before the exams can also be a competition of works on drawings, painting or composition. Often this competition is considered the first stage of testing.
  3. The examination committee can arrange an additional creative exam, which you will pass immediately before the selection committee.
  4. If you have successfully completed such contests, then most likely, an interview will be waiting for you, where you will show your personal qualities.

This list is considered to be the most common, but we advise you to find out what to donate to the designer, directly in the universities themselves, where you intend to go.


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