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What kind of sedative can be given to cats?

Just like people, animals can also experience a spectrum of certain emotions and feelings, and it turns out that it is not so easy to cope with some of them. And then a kind, affectionate and always affable pet turns into an aggressive and irresistible beast, who is trying to scratch someone, to get in our way or to get into a corner.

Cats - despite all their external self-sufficiency, very vulnerable and fragile creatures, who are very difficult to survive their cat's problems, while delivering a lot of troubles and worries to their masters.

cat Baiyun

What are the only periods when mother Nature calls for the continuation of the family: the cat asks for the street, cusses and complains, and sometimes, if it does not get what it wants, it becomes angry, aggressive and restless, and tries to clap someone's hand!

Of course, it would be right to let Murka go for a walk, but then he didn’t feel like treating his pet from street ills, what to do? How to help the animal survive this difficult moment? And this is not the only situation in which the mustache-striped can behave inadequately!

For many cats it is very difficult to travel, travel by public and private transport, trips to the vet or a trip to the exhibition - all this can not be avoided, but sometimes to cope with a rabid animal, which flatly refuses to obey, difficult and even scary!

Feline lovers are well aware that they do not like change at all, they are very jealous of various changes in the situation, it is difficult to accept new households, they hardly endure repairs or even change the furniture in the apartment.

You can go crazy with screams.

If you know that your pet is extremely sensitive to any such changes, then it is advisable to act in advance, to help you come the best soothing, created specifically for cats and cats.

Conventional preparations that we use ourselves, naturally, are not suitable for animals, because they may contain components that are destructive for our smaller brothers. If all the affectionate words and delicacies do not hold your pet in any way, then you will have to act differently, but which drug to choose, because there are not so few of them in the veterinary pharmacies?

Let's start by weighing all the pros and cons

The main thing is that the drugs with which you still decide to regale your beloved one, should be of high quality and specialized, for this they need to be purchased only in specialized vetapteks or pet stores, where all storage conditions are observed.

Answers to questions about which sedative is best suited for a particular animal, as well as the necessary dosages and duration of use, can only be written and recommended by a competent veterinarian.

Remember that a professional approach is very important here, since most of the sedatives are serious drugs that, if used incorrectly, can harm your animal.

Sometimes harmless, at first glance, and even popular sedatives, components can cause a completely unforeseen reaction in your animal: foam from the mouth or vomiting, while with another pet everything goes completely painless.

Consult a veterinarian

The conclusion is obvious: any sedatives can be used only after a conversation with a specialist. It is also worth noting one more thing: there are no absolutely harmless and safe tablets (drops, sprays), each has its drawbacks.

For example, some of them lead to addiction, with the result that, over time, you have to increase the dose or switch to other, more serious, drugs. But, known to many, "Bajun cat" sometimes provokes the development of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Again, the lethargy, and sometimes even apathy, has not been canceled yet, therefore, think again before feeding the animal another dose of sedative, because there are other, more loyal methods. However, in some situations you cannot do without them, the animal needs urgent help, so what to choose?

Popular sedatives

Rarely, cats quietly tolerate moving or traveling by car, and therefore it is better to prepare for this event in advance. For example, from the stress and motion sickness help cat's drops "Fifyx."

They eliminate the feeling of fear and anxiety, suppress panic attacks, and also normalize pressure, relieve vascular spasms associated with a possible release of adrenaline.

Sleeps sweet dreams

Also good in such situations help drop “Stress”, which, in addition to herbal ingredients, includes a special tranquilizer that suppresses anxiety, irrational fear, stress, or insomnia.

If you notice that your cat reacts sharply to any changes in the usual rhythm of life, then Serene Um and Spirit Essences can come to your aid, the last of which consist of oils and extracts of fruit, herbs and other plants, no chemistry.

They are quite effective, but they will not work immediately, therefore they must be given in advance, at least one week before the event. Serene Um is a relatively safe and natural food supplement that strengthens the central nervous system of an animal well.

In fact, there are a lot of such sedatives, and despite all their "naturalness", once again think before you feed something similar to your pet.

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