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What likes to stick to hands?

Olga Bespalova
Olga Bespalova
February 2, 2015
What likes to stick to hands?

The well-known game "100 to 1" often leads many to a dead end and makes them turn questions to search engines. One of the difficult questions in this game, to which many are looking for an answer, is "What does one like to stick to hands?"

Since the point of the game is to find the most unpopular answers among those that are popular, sometimes you cannot do without hints. After all, it is known that dough often sticks to the hands - but for this answer you will receive only 40 points.

Dirt too often sticks to hands: this answer is the second most popular, and it will cost you 80 points.

Funny and not the most obvious answer is "money" will bring you 120 points. A fairly simple option - glue - 160 points.

One of the most unpopular answers to this question is gum. If you answer like this, you will get 200 points.


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