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What do men in women appreciate?

Since ancient times, every woman strives to be perfect, but do men attract such women and what do men value in women? Rather, they consider them robots, they can all be without a man, they don’t need support and most will simply consider themselves unworthy. In fact, the problem is that the views of women and men are completely different, in fact they never looked like, especially as regards relationships. Therefore, it is difficult for both men and women to understand each other. But there are secrets, revealing that, you can easily become perfect for a certain man.

  1. Mental capacity.

    A woman, of course, must be intelligent and educated, but in no case show that she is smarter than a man. Indeed, in this case, it will offend a man, and he will consider you an upstart. Yes, and it is necessary to recognize that it is impossible to know everything, and you both have a high level of intelligence, otherwise you would not find anything in each other. At the same time, note that a woman is allowed to be sometimes silly. While a man, sometimes it can be a child.

  2. Appearance.

    It's no secret that men love with their eyes. A woman should be beautiful, well-groomed and neat. Must know when to measure makeup. As for clothes, high fashion is not important for all men. The main thing that a woman does not look like a clown and was not a gray mouse. Therefore, the whole image of a woman should attract, and not cause laughter to others.

  3. Inner world.

    External data must be supported by internal beauty. A woman should be capricious in moderation and not build from a little child. Must be true and affectionate to her man, and inaccessible to others. In addition, it is mandatory for men femininity. Therefore, you should not try on male roles. And, of course, sexuality, while note, not vulgarity and not modesty, but the golden mean between all this. These are considered the best qualities of women.

  4. Love to yourself.

    Many men say that the ideal woman is the one who loves more than herself than a man. In fact, it seems that men do not really understand what such attitudes can lead to. Of course, in this context, men mean the safety of their freedom.After all, such a woman is not looking for meetings, does not call several times a day and is not particularly interested in the details of the time spent without her. But at the same time, this type of woman can easily change her choice of a man, and not many of them are faithful.

  5. Emotional manifestations.

    A woman should be like that, say “lively”, rich in emotional manifestations. Must be interesting, fun and at times carefree. It is also easy to experience difficult situations, this attitude to problems will help a man quickly find a solution. And no one loves hysterics and not a single man can stand it.

  6. Readiness for life.

    Speaking about what women appreciate men, it is impossible not to mention the thrift. A woman should create comfort in the house, cook tasty food and greet a man from work with a smile. In this case, do not show your tiredness, otherwise the man will begin to feel guilty.

It should be noted that all tastes are different, depending on the values. In addition, according to many psychologists, men still look for a woman in the likeness of a mother. Certainly not external similarities, but those qualities of an ideal woman that help a man to open up and feel comfortable.It was mother as a child who pushed him to the right decisions, and this role goes to his wife in adult life, but this should be done in such a way that the man would be sure that he made any decision himself, and not because he was ordered.

In addition, no matter how men say that they need freedom, in fact they need unlimited love and support for women. They all want to be necessary and indispensable. And next to they want to see a woman who will be a mystery to everyone, but not for them. So be yourself, keep in all measure. And take the beloved man the way he is.


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