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What do people dream about?

Every night we go to the mysterious land of dreams. What is a dream? Our daily impressions and experiences that are processed by the brain? An attempt by the unconscious to tell us something? Data from the worldwide information field? Everyone can answer this question in their own way. Dreams are different: pleasant, fantastic, emit everyday, nightmares.

Sometimes people do not remember dreams, but this does not mean that they do not dream anything. There are special methods that allow you to better remember dreams. In a dream, a person does not realize that he is sleeping, and therefore everything is perceived as an objective reality, despite the fact that the events of sleep are absolutely fantastic. Today we will try to figure out what people dream about most often.

Common dreams

Scientists have conducted a lot of research and came to the conclusion that, in general, dream plots are repeated in different people. And it does not matter what nationality the dreamer is, what his social and marital status, religious affiliation is. Of course, the details of dreams will be different, but the essence will remain the same.Dreams affect the deep layers of the psyche, which are the same for all people. Here are the most common dreams:

  • Fall from a height, flight. This is a very common dream for which there are many interpretations. It is believed that such dreams occur during heavy emotional turmoil, if a person fails to find a solution to any problem. In this situation, you need to try to relax, let go of control.
  • More people dream of persecution and chase. Very often people dream that they are running away from someone, hiding. Any monster, a terrible person, an animal can chase. Psychologists believe that this dream indicates the fear of someone or something in real life. And you can not influence this situation, which in fact only seems. For example, you are afraid of drinking husband, rude boss, debts that you can not pay. Constant experiences on these topics are reflected in your dreams.
  • Being late for an important event, a plane, a train, etc. You have taken on a lot of obligations. You are trying to do as much as possible, to be in time everywhere, but at the same time you are afraid that you will not manage, you will not meet the expectations of other people.You need to reduce the pace of life, to devote more time to yourself and rest.
  • Disease, death. This dream can concern both you personally and your loved one. If a loved one dies in a dream, it can symbolize a completely natural fear of losing a loved one. Sometimes it means that some part of yourself has died.
  • Seeing yourself naked in public or inappropriately dressed. For example, you can in a dream come to the theater in underwear. This means that you are not playing a suitable role. If you are naked, then this dream means that you have low self-esteem, you feel defenseless. You are afraid to seem ridiculous, to be ridiculed. Because of this, it is difficult for you to open up to others.


People often have nightmares or unpleasant dreams. A nightmare is an emotionally intense, disturbing, and frightening dream. Why so often nightmares dream? Scientists believe that this is a product of negative experiences during the day of wakefulness. Conflicts with others and with yourself, negative emotions, mental trauma, stress - the psyche must somehow get rid of all this. Maybe the brain does this with the help of nightmares.Pay attention to the images that appear in nightmares - they can tell a lot about the state of your psyche.

However, you need to be alert if the nightmare repeats constantly. In this case, the nightmare may indicate the presence of some psychological problem or mental disorder that you are not aware of in reality. Probably, in this case, you may need the help of a specialist: a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a hypnotherapist.

Interpretation of dreams

We must remember that the interpretation of dreams is often erroneous. Each person can interpret his dream himself if he looks deeper into himself. Such interpretations of dreams are most often searched on the Internet:

  • To dream of a child;
  • To see in a dream my ex-husband, wife, lover;
  • Teeth - other variations with teeth fall out;
  • To dream of yourself;
  • To die in a dream;
  • Pregnancy and so on.

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