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What problems will apparatus massage help to cope with?

Since ancient times, it is known that massage is an excellent remedy for many health problems. High-quality therapy, conducted by an experienced specialist, is able to significantly increase the vitality of any person, eliminating multiple pains in the limbs, edema, besides, it deprives the fatty layers and stimulates the production of "youth proteins".

To achieve such a large number of positive results, the procedure must be performed in a special way, having knowledge of physiology, as well as perfectly mastering massage techniques.

In the fight against cellulite all means are good

But, as in all areas of medicine, everything goes forward, and massage is no exception. Now, many massage rooms and beauty salons are equipped with special devices that can perform various types of massage automatically. A person is left to direct the machine and monitor the process of implementation.

Numerous disputes over what is better - the hardware or manual method - probably will not end soon, after all, how many people, so many opinions.

We are not going to persuade anyone in this or that steppe, but simply tell you about what hardware massage is, its main types, scope and range of problems with which it is able to cope.

Of course, the beautiful half of the floor is primarily interested in the issue of body correction, because cellulite is a really big problem.

To get rid of the hated "orange peel" dreams of each of those who have already felt its influence on themselves. Unfortunately, most women at one age or another end up with this problem, and if they do not give due attention to it in time, then it is no longer possible to get rid of it.

Apparatus massage is an excellent means of cellulite, software technologies embedded in the heart of such machines, in 90% of cases, has a positive trend in solving this problem.

In addition, high-quality hardware massage is able to improve the general condition of the body: reduce puffiness, reduce volumes, affect the vitality of the body and the general condition.After such therapy, the woman looks rested and vigorous, improves sleep, reduces psychological stress.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with such a wonderful invention of humanity, do not miss the opportunity, and be sure to sign up for the procedure. By the way, to achieve a real effect, you need to visit 10-15 sessions 2-3 times a week, but after the first hike you will notice an improvement in your condition and appearance.

What is the essence of the procedure?

In fact, the apparatus massage is similar to a manual one, the effect on the blood circulation itself is also carried out, by means of special nozzles and their rotations, a profound effect on the tissues is made, especially this method is effective when working through large muscles.

When compared with the manual method, the hardware massage, of course, is able to penetrate much deeper, thereby providing a faster and more lasting effect from the procedure.

This technique allows you to remove excess stagnant fluid, and also breaks down fat cells, removing them through the lymphatic vessels. All this is due to the fact that most of the devices are equipped with special nozzles, suction cups and massagers, which, unlike hands, do not get tired and do not weaken.

Apparatus massage is a too general concept that combines all types of massage, which are performed with the help of special devices.

The most common types of hardware massage are: vacuum lymphatic drainage, hydromassage, vibratory massage, they are the best way to help from the common female ailment - cellulite. Often, women can not decide which of them is best to choose for themselves, because each of them has its own characteristics. Let's understand in order.

Vacuum massage

This type of massage is well known, and originates from Ancient China, where local healers have come up with the use of hollow bamboo sticks. By creating a vacuum, the skin was sucked into the cavity, which contributed to an active rush of blood to this point of the body, and the body could successfully fight the disease.

You can run it only in the cabin

Many years have passed since then, but the principle remains the same: a bowl moves across the surface of the body, there is a vacuum inside it. As the bowl moves along the body, the cat draws into it and a fold forms under it, moving which stimulates the lymph flow, improves blood flow in the tissues, breaks up fat capsules, which caused the "orange peel".

Most often, vacuum massage is combined with vibration, the effect of which improves the effect of the massager, the effect looms faster and better.

In addition to this, during the vacuum massage sometimes used herbal decoctions, which also have a positive effect on the health effect.

Technology allows you to easily adjust the intensity of the pressure of the bowl, which is necessary for different degrees of cellulite and the patient's condition. The result of the application is a tight, smooth and elastic skin, which will allow you not to be shy about your body on the beach or in any other place.


This subspecies of hardware massage is distinguished by its main feature: it has a positive effect on the human body due to vibration, which is aimed at receptor irritation.

Relax and have fun

In addition to women's problems, this type is able to deal with many serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, diseases of the nervous system, bronchitis and dyskinesia of the stomach.

Most often it is divided into two main types: which is carried out on a local area, and which is carried out throughout the body with the help of movements of the device by special techniques.


Cellulite can be fought with the help of water: jets are sent under high pressure, which contributes to the enhancement of the microcurrent, and also activates the regenerative processes.

Typically, the session lasts only 10 minutes, and for the full course you can say goodbye to such female "charms" as "ears" on the inside of the thigh, cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and sides. And at this time you will not have to experience discomfort - you lie in the water and enjoy.

Numerous reviews of hardware massage for weight loss say one thing: it’s worth a try for yourself, and the price for it is lower than for any manual types of massage.

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