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What are the properties of oil levzeya?

Nature has always generously shared her gifts with a person, helping him to heal from many ailments through effective and gentle ways. The official and traditional medicine is known for many plants with healing properties that have long been used in the creation of medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

The average resident of the country knows the names and methods of using only the most popular and affordable crops, and there are some that are less common in the natural environment, but more useful, and this makes their value significantly higher.

For example, Leuzea is safflower-shaped, the existence of which is known only to the indigenous people of some regions and scientists who have revealed its unique healing properties. Here today we will talk about the plant itself and one of the forms of its release - the essential oil.

Information about the plant itself

Levzeya safflower is a member of the Aster family and in appearance resembles small pink astrochka.This rare herbaceous crop has a limited area of ​​growth, is a perennial plant and reaches a height of up to one hundred thirty centimeters. And you can meet Leuzeu on the slopes of mountains and alpine meadows.

On the territory of our country, a unique culture is known only to residents of southern Siberia, because it grows in Altai and Sayan Mountains, where it is attributed to the fantastic possibilities of healing a person. Legends extinguish that culture is capable of defeating fourteen ailments, therefore Siberian healers, who know its healing qualities, have been preparing their potions from it for centuries and are called the “maral root”.

The similarity of Leuzea with ginseng is also noted by the inhabitants of Mongolia, where he is honored and given on the wedding day, so that the newlyweds have many healthy heirs. Maralium root has long been appreciated by the local population as an excellent helper in stabilizing pressure, improving sexual function, restoring vitality after decline and removing from depression.

It is believed that it is effective in the treatment of cancer and prolongs life. Secondly, the popular name “maral root” indicates that in scientific medicine the root of culture is used, from which various forms of preparations are made. This applies to the essential oil of the Leuzea.

About the product from the plant and its composition

The Leuzea root contains a whole list of useful substances that favorably affect the human body, including stabilizing mental activity and improving the state of the nervous system, strengthening vessels that neutralize the effects of alcohol, fighting neurodermatitis, hypochondria, and psychosomatic diseases.

All these nutrients are stored in the preparations of the culture, so they are highly effective in the treatment of a number of diseases. Like other drugs, the essential oil is rich in leuzea:

  • ecdasteroids, which are psychostimulants;
  • coumarins and alkaloids;
  • flavonoids and tannins;
  • gum and salts of organic acids;
  • phosphorus and also other micro and macro elements.

The oil from the maral root is pale yellow, with a slight fruity odor, which is perfectly perceived by the body in combination with the flavors of other plants such as ylang ylang and jasmine, incense and anise, myrtle and thyme. Thanks to these qualities, it is actively used for aromatherapy and the manufacture of perfumes.

The main qualities of the drug

Properties of the drug can be used for various purposes and different spheres of human activity, including:

  1. Medicine, where it is used for therapeutic effects in order to get rid of flatulence with colic and nausea, as an antispasmodic. To relax muscles, improve vision and recuperate after surgical interventions and protracted diseases. In the therapy of respiratory diseases, for anesthetizing the symptoms of neurotic, cardiac and cephalic pathogenesis, spasms in the digestive system. Oil leuzei is effective in alcohol poisoning and hangover syndrome, as quickly relieves the concomitant symptomatology. When there are signs of eye fatigue, due to computer work, evening reading, watching TV for a long time, it helps to improve visual acuity.
  2. Psycho-emotional activity in which the essential oil plays the role of a psycho-emotional corrector capable of participating in improving the performance of the brain, restoring sleep, eliminating the depressive syndrome, improving memory. The aroma of levzey promotes concentration, optimizes the work of thinking processes.It helps to fight neuroses, hysteria, removing excessive irritability, calming the nervous system. Due to the smell of the drug, it is easier for a person to tune in to a positive, calm down and establish communication with others.
  3. The cosmetic field uses the drug in the treatment of neurodermatitis and dermatitis. Here, such root properties as the ability to refresh skin, restore tissue circulation, increase skin elasticity with elasticity, are successfully manifested. With the help of oil it is possible to provide excellent care for oily hair, since the plant has the properties of normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and strengthening the hair follicles. In perfumery, it is used as a component of the composition that introduces a “note of freshness.”
  4. In everyday life, the use of funds is also possible. This is a wonderful repellent, eliminating puffiness, burning sensation and pain from the bites of various insects. They flavor tea.

How can I successfully use the tool?

Levzeya essential oil is good to have in household use, because it has the most diverse use and can be useful in any moments of life. Here are some examples:

  1. If you are sick, then the oil is recommended to make a ten-minute inhalation. The composition of chamomile, thyme and leuzea oils, two drops each, will help to quickly reduce inflammation.
  2. When drunk should drink a mixture of a pinch of salt, a glass of tomato or kefir, and a drop of leuzea, after an hour, repeat. It tones and eliminates hangover.
  3. To improve the performance of the heart and digestive tract, fifty grams of honey is mixed with five drops of oil. Honey can be replaced with jam. Homemade medicine is taken twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, after eating half a teaspoon, drinking a choice of juice, kefir, tea.
  4. Oil is filled with an aroma lamp in order to have a day-to-day sessions to improve performance, activate brain processes. For a room of ten meters you will need oil drop by drop - lemon, leuzea, pine, cloves and bergamot.
  5. To relieve stress is good massage with a mixture of oils. Take two drops of lavender and avocado, three levzey, and hands. By rubbing a mixture of oils in the back of the head, crown, temples, relieve emotional stress, fatigue and fear.
  6. It is useful to soak for a third of an hour in a soothing bath of cream, milk, vegetable oil, or honey with three drops of chamomile, leuzea, and ylang-ylang oil.
  7. Effective compresses with neurodermatitis from a few drops of the drug and ten milliliters of the main drug, or wrapping with a solution of ten drops of funds for five hundred milliliters of water.

And also masks for skin and hair!

Precautionary measures

Contraindications to the use of oil are available, they are quite specific and rarely lead to side effects, but in order to avoid undesirable consequences, they are recommended to be observed:

  • usually the drug is part of the combined means or diluted, as in its pure form is not applicable;
  • due to the presence of a strong aroma with care and limitations used in the treatment of children;
  • during pregnancy, it is desirable to exclude contact with oil;
  • particularly sensitive skin may have signs of irritation when applied;
  • the oil has a phototoxicity property, so it is not applied when going outside in sunny weather, or more than an hour before the walk;
  • individual intolerance is possible that needs to be tested before use.

Use natural medicines because they are no less successful than medical synthetic products, but they have a soft, sparing effect on the affected areas and the body as a whole.Levzeya oil is an excellent tool for solving various problems, proof of that.

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