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What she does with her clothes will change your ideas about taking care of things!

There is always hope! Even if it seems to you that your favorite thing is irreversibly corrupted, do not give up. Try to use these out of the ordinaryclothing care tips. They are unusual, but they work great!

"With Your Hands"It reminds that you can remove any unpleasant smell from clothes with the help of vodka - you just need to spray it on the problem thing. These 9 tips are a saving straw for neat hostesses. This is what can be done when ordinary washing does not give a perfect result!

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Clothing care

Spiny Sweater
I can not stand prickly sweaters - an unpleasant itching negates the warming effect of a quality woolen thing. Wrapping a clean, wet sweater in a plastic bag and placing it in the freezer for a couple of hours,You can easily solve this problem! The thawed sweater will no longer irritate the skin. This technique also helps to avoid deformation of woolen clothes after washing and to return the form to already damaged clothes. It is enough to hold the washed, rolled up woolen blouse in the freezer for only 3 hours - the shape will be perfect, no stretched loops.


Lipstick stains
Lipstick stains are easy to clean with hair spray. Apply a little varnish on the stain, pat it with a napkin and wash the clothes. A mixture of lemon juice and soda works well against lipstick - a very affordable stain remover.


Button lock
Buttons on warm clothes are treacherous: they spin and are lost at the most inopportune moment. Drip a little clear lacquer in the center of the buttons, right on the thread, and they will hold on much more tightly!

a button on a coat

Stains from foundation
Shaving foam will cope even with traces of a greasy tonal base - put a little foam on the stain, rub it and after a couple of minutes, wipe the fabric away. If the foam or shaving cream has not coped with the task, try rubbingstain from foundationmedical alcohol.


Stains from deodorant
Rub the stains from deodorant with food salt and leave the thing for the night: after the morning wash, the stains will disappear. If the spots appear on black clothes, wash them with vodka and leave for half an hour, then wash them. Right method!


Suede shoes
Any stains and scratches on suede shoes can be removed using a nail file with a polishing effect.

suede shoes

If you wrap the jeans in a bag and put them in the freezer, any unpleasant odors that the jeans fabric so loves to absorb will disappear. Full disinfection of jeans is impossible during normal washing: they cannot stand the high temperature, but in the freezer all the microbes will be ruthlessly destroyed. You can return the former form of stretched jeans: you need to turn dry jeans inside out and put in a dryer for 15 minutes.


Animal hair on clothes
Wool cat or dog can stick to clothes tightly. A reliable way to clear things from it! Instead of a convenient cushion for clothing, which does not remove the wool even half, use scotch tape. A couple of minutes, and everything is in order.

pulloverThese tricky decisions have been useful to me more than once. If you appreciate all the benefits of tips for taking care of things, pass them on to your friends!

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