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What should be the temperature in the bath and how much you need to sit to lose weight? We must lose a couple of kilos, diets do not help!

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Answered on December 13, 2014 19:56
Sit in a hot bath 1 time 1.5 hours and two kilos, as it did not happen. The only question is that the water will go along with sweat. So, in a couple of days the weight will be restored, since the body can not without water. The question is different. Want to lose a few pounds of fat? Then settle the diet (not on the diet), but normally - no more than the norm. Add physical exertion. Understand the simple truth: you can only lose weight in one case: when the calories eaten per day are less than the amount spent. But there are two opportunities to achieve results, and they are commonplace: either eat less or train more. And in the bath just for the soul once a week, go)))
Answered 3 april 20:07
Sit in the bath as much as your well-being allows.

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