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What should I do if I fall in love?

One of the strongest feelings a person can experience is love. It almost can not be controlled, it is impossible to determine the causes of its occurrence. Scientists, philosophers and writers for several centuries trying to understand the nature of love, and everyone understands it in their own way. Often this feeling comes when you do not expect it at all.

There is a problem: what should I do if I fall in love? Indeed, it is very difficult to concentrate in the state of being in love, it is difficult to work and think about something serious and vital, because all thoughts are devoted to the object of passion and emerging relationships.

Kinds of love

There are several types of love. It may be the parents' feeling for the child, or maybe love for the Motherland or for activities (that is, inanimate things, objects and actions). But we will talk about love for a person, or rather, to the opposite sex.

When a person falls in love, first of all he is faced with the problem: to talk or not about his feelings. There are many opinions on this subject. But the best way out is honesty and frankness.Only by openly speaking about your feelings, you can find out the reaction to them. Even if the answer is no, you won’t torment yourself with guesswork. You should not set yourself up for a negative outcome, but you need to understand that the object of your love is not obliged to respond to you in return.

More difficult is the case if you fell in love with a girlfriend. The status of "friends" is difficult to step over, especially if your friendship is already several years old. In order to change this, you need to completely change your goals, vision of the world and the like. Therefore, the main thing is to be honest first of all with yourself. From the fact that you hide your love, no one will be better. On the contrary, it will start you up, and a friend will understand it. Such a situation can lead to negative consequences, so it is better to honestly talk about your feelings.

Another problem with love: what to do if you fell in love without an answer? There may be two options. The first relates to those who are in love with a girl who does not know about your feelings. That is, as she answers, is unknown. The second option is when the object knows about your love, but is unable or unwilling to reciprocate. That is what will be called unrequited love.Now consider how to reduce the negative impact of unrequited love.

Unrequited love: looking for a way out

When you are denied, you feel resentment and anger. I want to take the phone, talk a lot of filth and so on. Definitely this is not worth it - just spend your nerves in vain. Keep all contacts to a minimum. Only in this way you will not reap in vain wounds and be able to get rid of unrequited love. It will be useful to remove all the things that will remind you of her.

Love to boss

And if the thought gnaws at you: what should I do if I fell in love with my boss? This is a very difficult situation. As in previous cases, the most important thing is honesty. Try to show your business skills, invite her to dinner at a restaurant, show your attitude towards her. But many are mistrustful of office romance. In case of failure, it may even be necessary to look for a new place of work. So think carefully: are you really in love with your boss or is this some other feeling?

She is married

In case you like a married woman, it is still more difficult. One has only to recall the famous novel of the Russian classics.From a moral point of view, destroying marriage is the last thing. And even if she leaves the family, then where is the guarantee that she will not leave you later? Is it worth honesty in this case? No definite answer. On the one hand, with your confession you will excite her life, throw a woman into confusion. If she responds to you in return, then you will have to hide your relationship and meet in secret. Do you want such a life?

Types of love a great many. It is not always beautiful, sometimes it has a destructive property. Therefore, you must first think and then do. And even in the case of unrequited feelings do not need to be upset. There are seven billion people in the world, and among them there will definitely be your half!


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