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What they say on the road?

Since time immemorial, there has been the custom of saying a word to a person who is going on the road. They served for the traveler as a talisman who diverted unhappiness and bad people from him. This is due to the fact that in ancient times people quite often disappeared without a trace. After all, they could attack the robbers, wild animals. However, in our civilized century, this custom has not lost its relevance. Let's talk about what they usually say on the road.

Wishes for a man on the road

As a rule, there are no clear prescriptions of what a person may wish to travel. The main thing is that the words be sincere and come from the heart. In this case, they will really protect the person and nothing bad will happen to him. A universal wish is the phrase �Have a good trip!�, So you can safely use it regardless of how far a person is going.

What can I say if a person goes to look for a job?

As in the old days, a person quite often goes in search of work, most often it is an interview with a future employer.In this case, the person should say the following words:

  • "Let everything work out"
  • "Let your dreams come true and you will easily get the job"
  • "Let luck guide you."

Words for people leaving on a long journey

If a man had a long road ahead, then he was desired not only a happy journey. In the old days, the phrase �good riddance� was said goodbye. This expression meant that the path would be easy and the person would quickly get to his destination. However, nowadays this phrase is considered ironic and is rarely used, as it is afraid of being misunderstood. Instead, you can use more modern expressions, for example, "Happily (successfully) to get."

There is also a custom to sit down on the road. It was believed that then the path would be easy and without unpleasant adventures. Modern psychologists explain this rite with the fact that a person is given time to think about his trip and decide whether to go to it. Also in these seconds, the brain determines the main goals of the journey and looks for ways to translate them into life, because it is in a kind of stressful situation, so all processes go faster.

Wishes to the road for motorists and travelers

For motorists is very important that the road was successful. In this case, they can say the following phrases:

  • Green Road
  • Green Light
  • "To spare not useful"
  • "Neither a nail nor a rod"

If a person goes on vacation or on a business trip by train, then you can wish him "Beautiful landscapes outside the window." If a steamer, a yacht or a boat will act as a transport, then in this case it would be appropriate to say: �In order not to sway�, �Fair wind�. As a universal phrase, you can advise "happy to get."

Those who go by air can say �Take care of yourself� or �God be with you!�. You should not think about the bad before leaving a person, because thoughts are material and you can call trouble in this way. It is best in your mind to draw joyful pictures of a person meeting a person from a trip. In this case, everything goes well. You can also read a funny poem for a person who is leaving:

  • Wishing you a long way
  • Wake up in the dawn of all strength.
  • So that the trip seemed raspberry,
  • So that the whole world seemed sweet.

These words will cheer up, and the traveler will go on the road with a light heart.You can compose your poems, a person will be pleased, and he will not forget such a farewell. Now you know what you want on the road, and you can put your knowledge into practice.


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