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What to bring from Greece?

From each trip, and especially from abroad, we try to bring something. Therefore, when preparing to go somewhere, we try to study in advance what can be brought from one place or another. If you are traveling to Greece, then you have a large selection of what you can buy as a keepsake of this country. So what can you bring from Greece?

Greece is famous for its furs, oil, alcohol, soap, cosmetics, sweets and olives. All these products from Greece you can bring to your homeland, to the envy of all your friends and acquaintances.

Fur coats

Greek mink coats are very popular among our fashionistas because of the wealth of choice and relatively low prices. Compared to Chinese mink fur coats, Greek fur coats are distinguished by good quality dressing and finishing with the latest fashion. So, if you went to rest in Greece, then you should definitely visit at least one of the many shops selling clothes made of fur. It is possible that you can not refrain from a pleasant purchase.


If not everyone can buy a fur coat, then every tourist can afford to buy tasty and very healthy olive oil in Greece.Especially since you bring from Greece, if not oil, which is made in the place of growing olives.

Oil differs in the size of the cans, price, place of production. The range of prices from 3 euros per bottle to 15-20 for a large canister of 5 liters. The oil is acidic. Acidity less than 0.1 is suitable for salads, and more than 0.1 for frying. You can transport oil in the plane, in baggage.


The most popular alcoholic drink in this country is Metaxa. The price for it depends on the star and the volume of the bottle. Local anise vodka Ouzo is also being brought from Greece. In addition, you can buy Cahors from Mount Athos and Greek vodka from Rakomello grapes. All these drinks you can buy in the souvenir shops, bottled in the form of the gods of Olympus, in ordinary stores and duty free. Alcohol also hand in the luggage.


Olives, that's what comes to mind when you think about the question of what to bring from Greece. Olives should be bought on the market or in the supermarket, where they are sold by weight. At the bazaar they will even give you a try, so you can appreciate the taste before you buy. Pack them in plastic containers.By the way, the taste of these olives is different from what we used to eat, buying in stores in cans. Greek olives are very salty.

Chees Feta

This cheese, as well as olives, is an integral component of Greek salad. Therefore, if you have already purchased olives, then you definitely need to buy real Greek feta cheese, so that upon arrival home you will be able to please your relatives with traditional Greek salad.


Cosmetics, soap, face and body care products - all this is made in Greece on the basis of olive oil and is sold at almost every step: in shops, shops, pharmacies, markets. Of course, it would be better if you buy all these products in a pharmacy, and not on the street.


What else can you bring from Greece? This camp is famous for sweets, the Greeks just love all the sweets: honey, pastries, sweets with lots of toppings.

In addition to all the above, the main thing that you can bring from your trip is a charge of good mood, a positive mood, excellent impressions and a charge of cheerfulness until the next holiday.


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