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How to choose a cross for the baptism of a child?

The presence of a cross is one of the basic conditions for performing the sacrament of baptism. The selected cross will be a sacred amulet for the baby and will accompany him throughout his life. Therefore, the question of choosing a cross for baptism is extremely important. Which particular cross should be chosen for the baby, what requirements should it meet? Answers to these questions will be useful and interesting to know to everyone who is going to baptize their baby.

Shape and size

If the cross is chosen for the baby, then its ends must be rounded so as not to damage the delicate and thin skin of the baby. The surface of the cross should be smooth and even. The size should be chosen not too large, so that the child is comfortable and comfortable to wear it: after performing the ceremony, the cross is not removed from the baby. If the cross is chosen for an adult, then there are many more options. You can use two crosses - one large, elegant, for the ceremony, the second - small, convenient - for everyday use.At the end of the rite of baptism, a large cross should be removed and placed at home next to the icons, replacing it with a small one that corresponds to the present size of the baby. When the child grows up, he can again use the already consecrated cross, which will be at that time in size.

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The best option for the baby will be silver or gold crosses. These materials are safe for the health of the child, they are not ways to cause a protective allergic reaction. Gold is one of the most expensive metals, so gold crosses can be a sign of special reverence and reverence for the sign of the cross.

Chain or braid

Choosing a cross for the baby, you should take care of the comfort and health of the baby. The safest option for hanging the cross will be a soft string-string, and not a metal chain. It will not scratch or damage baby skin. For an adult, you can choose a metal chain, and the material of the chain and the cross must match.

Who should buy a cross for baptism

There is no special restriction here, parents, godparents, and also any relatives can buy a cross. Most often, the boys are chosen for baptism by the godfather and the girls by the godmother.

Also the most important condition is the process of the consecration of the pectoral cross in the Orthodox Church.


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