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What to do if the file is damaged

In MS Word, it is possible to recover doc and rtf files. A read error most often occurs when trying to open files that weigh more than 250 KB. Typically, this is due to a violation of the display of images or the general formatting of the text in the document.fileyou must run the program and open the file, not vice versa (open the program by runningfile). In the window that opens, click the File menu and select the Open line, or press Ctrl + O. In the dialog box that appears, find the damaged file, select it, but don’t open it yet. Look at the "Open" button, it is double - in its right side there is a small button with a picture of a triangle. Click it and select "Open and restore." The recovered file will immediately open in the program window. In the "Show fixes" block, all changes in place of which there were read errors will be displayed. It may happen that in the left pane there will be several saved copies (often saving a document).Press each copy in turn, save the best variant by pressing the Ctrl + S key combination (the window with saved copies will close automatically). If you chose the full configuration when installing the Microsoft Office software, MS Word has the Text Recovery Converter utility. In the main program window, press Ctrl + O to open the damaged document. From the drop-down list, select “Recover text from anyfile". The recovered file save and open again. In some cases, the opening is planned, otherwise the message “Table in the document is corrupted” appears on the screen. To restore it, open the top menu “Table”, select the “Convert” section, select the option “Table to Text”. Click on the “Convert to text” line and click on the “OK” button.

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