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What to do if you are threatened?

Threats, i.e. intimidation of a person, a promise to cause him or his family any harm, leads to the fact that a person begins to experience anxiety, fear, panic. All this may give rise to a feeling of powerlessness or panic.

A panic reaction in response to threats is manifested in the desire to be saved at any cost or to hide. Do not panic. The best thing is to overcome oneself and try to calmly assess the threatening situation, to find the best way out of it. So what to do if you are threatened? We will try to find the answer to this question and tell you what to do with various types of threats.

Husband threatens: what to do

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a fairly common thing. And it is not always manifested by the use of physical force by the husband towards the wife. Most often, husbands humiliate wives and threaten them with violence. Therefore, women should clearly know what to do if the husband is threatened.

Most often, the husband threatens his wife, because sees her fear and plays it. Therefore, if you are sure that the husband will never go into action, then try not to show that you are afraid of his threats, depend on him.Take care of self-education, find a well-paid job and then the threats of a husband like “Yes, you will die without me tomorrow!” Will stop by themselves.

What if the former threatens

Some men are very hard going through the breakup. They believe that if they were abandoned by a girlfriend or wife, this was an insult. Such men often begin to threaten women who have rejected them.

If you receive such threats, assess what they contain more: the desire to bring you back, or these are real threats to you and your family. In the first case, the threat can not pay any attention. They will very quickly cease on their own. But if the threats pose a real danger to the life and health of you or your family members, you should definitely contact the police for help. In addition, until the situation is resolved, try to go out as little as possible without being accompanied by your girlfriends or relatives.

Threaten by phone: what to do

If you receive threats from persons unknown to you by phone, then record these conversations on a dictaphone. Be sure to go to the PBX and take a listing of phone calls to your number.After that, write a statement to the district police station, attach to it a printout of calls from the PBX and voice recordings of the conversation. Be sure to ensure that your application is registered in due course.

Threatened with violence: what to do

The most terrible threats are threats of physical violence (injury to health, murder). When such threats arrive, you should not try to resolve the situation yourself. This can lead to tragic consequences.

In the criminal code of the Russian Federation there is an article that provides for liability for the threat of murder or the infliction of serious harm to health (Article 119). Therefore, if you are threatened with reprisals, contact the district police station and, on the basis of the aforementioned article of the criminal code, demand that you accept the application.

Unfortunately, police officers often refuse to accept such statements. In this case, you can ask for help from a detective agency. Its employees will be able to record the incoming threats to you on a voice recorder or to photograph attempts to translate them into reality on video.In addition, the detective agency staff will take the necessary measures to ensure your safety. Having received evidence of threats of violence, attach them to your application and the staff of the district criminal investigation department will no longer be able to refuse you to accept it.


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