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What to draw a girl on the wall in contact?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 16, 2011
What to draw a girl on the wall in contact?

How to attract the attention of a girl you like or congratulate her on his birthday on a social network so that it will be remembered? Probably, you often ask yourself this question! Most likely, she will pay attention to you if you write or draw something like that on the wall in Kontakt. In addition, this inscription or drawing will be seen not only by her, but also by her friends and other fans, if there are any, of course. And this, as we know, the knight's move) Everyone will see that she has you. And if she doesn’t remove the drawing, it will say that you are not indifferent to her, and she doesn’t hide her communication with you from anyone.

What to draw a girl on the wall in Kontakte? Flowers - a win-win, but banal. Bear cubs, kittens and bunnies among modern girls, most likely, will not cause any special emotions. Candy and ice cream, of course, is loved by everyone, but if you don’t have any funny or romantic situations associated with eating them, it’s unlikely that they are drawn, they’ll be especially impressive.

So then draw on the wall in contact? Most likely, she will most of all like her name painted big and bright! Maybe you call it somehow, as others do not call it, write it! Choose a light and calm background. And let it be written in huge bright letters. Just a name and nothing else! Because the name is something that relates to her personally. And flowers, sweets, toys and ice cream should be given, not drawn.


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