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What to draw on May 9?

January 21, 2015
What to draw on May 9?

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What to draw on May 9?

May 9 - Victory Day - has always been celebrated (and, we hope, will be celebrated) widely in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. A children's hand-made picture is the best gift for a veteran or war veteran. In addition, all sorts of contests and exhibitions of works dedicated to May 9 are held in schools and in kindergartens. Therefore, the question of what to draw on May 9th remains relevant today.

Let's try to highlight a few ideas (for parents and their children) that will help children's drawing become a real decoration of the holiday.

Some tips

  • Focus on the holiday (even “with tears in the eyes”), and not on the tragedy that occurred. In the picture you need to try to convey the joy of victory, and not the horrors of war.
  • If your child is small, draw with it. Let him draw large parts, paint the planes in bright colors. And you already draw small strokes, completing the drawing. Your joint work will bring joy not only to your offspring, but also bring pleasure to you yourself.

What can you draw on May 9?

  1. FlowersThey are easy to draw, they give a festive pattern9th Maymood.
  2. Firework. This drawing will also give a sense of celebration.
  3. Eternal flame. As a symbol of the memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic.
  4. The soldier You can - a warrior with a banner or standing on guard.
  5. A veteran to whom children carry flowers.
  6. Dove, which is a symbol of peace and the end of war.
  7. Parade on the square or military equipment.

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