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What to give to children at school for the new year

What to give to children at school for the new year

What to give to children at school for the new year

New Year is a holiday that is expected of representatives of all generations. Everyone expects from him something special, intimate. But how to preserve this feature, celebrating the New Year in advance, and even in school, where the presentation is frankly played out, and almost no one believes in Santa Claus at all. In this barrel of tar, honey can be gifts to schoolchildren. Look and congratulations on the birthday of a friend from a friend and girlfriend, if someone has a name day just these days.


New Year presents



As a rule, gifts are chosen on the basis of a very modest holiday budget. Traditionally, these are bags with sweets and tangerines, sometimes toys or souvenirs with the symbol of the year. The guys rarely rejoice in such boring trifles, and by the middle link, they form a stable attitude towards the New Year's evening at school, like some kind of obligation that will end with the only interesting point - the disco.
To change the situation, it is necessary to change the approach of parents and teachers to the organization of the evening. Many teachers and psychologists have long been saying that you cannot invite Santa Claus to school. Arrange a presentation without him and without the Snow Maiden, the benefit of now popular characters abound.


Choose gifts wisely! Based on the age and preferences of students. For younger schools, sweet gifts and small toys are more fully acceptable (Winx dolls for girls, Avatar for boys are popular). As an option, you can offer good development kits for sewing or working with wood. It is still interesting for small pupils to learn the world creating.


In high school, gifts must be individualized. In adolescents, personal perception is exacerbated, they just need to stand out, which is why typical sets will no longer suit them. Present girls with scarves, cosmetic bags, manicure sets, scented candles in the New Year's decor. Element of fantasy and romance will be just right. Boys will be pleased with balls, sports equipment, perhaps boxing gloves, elements of the subculture (look at your own children).Remember that these are no longer children, but not even adolescents with strong personal qualities, the psyche is still mobile, and the team is often influenced by any trends.


In high school, it makes no sense to give practical or functional gifts. You will not guess! Give the original. For example, T-shirts with photoprints - put a photo of a student on a T-shirt; girlfriends and couples in love will gladly exchange their gifts, but women of fashion and dandies who express their own self will remain with themselves. If the last year of school and the new year in school is the last, it is appropriate to give memorable things, for example, a disc with a movie about school or summer joint vacations, maybe it will be posters with funny collages.


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