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What to give her husband on February 14?

Daria Saraeva
Daria Saraeva
February 11, 2013
What to give her husband on February 14?

February is here! The last month of winter and the only one in which the celebration of Valentine's Day is celebrated or simply - Valentine's Day. It is celebrated on February 14th. What to give your husband on February 14? You do not know what should be a gift? “Calm and only calm” - said a man with a propeller who lives on the roof! After all, no one knows except yourself. Who else but you see and hear him most often ?! Let's make strong points on which you can choose a gift to your husband for February 14.

Start simple

You can push off in choosing a gift from his place of work or, more precisely, his activities. Who he is with you - maybe a sailor, maybe a teacher at the academy or an ordinary peasant businessman. Think, maybe he just needs a new, beautiful, expensive diary in leather binding for doing his business, where he can write down thoughts and notes, which should not be forgotten. For example,buy a bouquet of flowers for your wife on sunday! If your husband already has such a notebook, you can give a writing pen from a well-known company, made of high-quality materials, pleasant to the touch and not much beating on the family budget. This gift combines functionality and prestige, which is appreciated by the overwhelming majority of the male representatives.

Then you can rely in the choice of his hobbies or favorite hobbies. What to give her husband on February 14? An athlete can be given long-desired sports equipment - a tennis racket, boxing gloves, new sneakers, a football autographed by a player of your favorite team, a hockey stick or roller skates. The musician will be happy with the new strings for his guitar or a mediator with the logo of his group, drum sticks or just a beautiful musical book, where he can record the notes of melodies that come to him at leisure.

If none of these things suits you

Nothing wrong! No one has canceled the standard gifts for men! They are much more than it seems! In addition to ties, socks, sweaters (the latter, by the way, you can knit yourself), cufflinks, perfume, shaving sets, there are a lot of options! For example, a new purse, where you can store money and business cards.Look, can your husband's old wallet have long been worn out? Or a bottle of good alcohol - it is often the case that a man already has everything, so you can give him the opportunity to spend evenings drinking strong Scotch whiskey, French brandy, or sip icy absinthe, thinking about life events. By the way, there will be two new glasses, because it’s not alone to drink your gift!

If you attach a little imagination, then the most standard gift can be turned into an original one, and you shouldn't wrestle with what to give your husband on February 14th.


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