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What to give to the former?

You are one of those who have parted, do not cease to communicate, and, perhaps, even begins to be friends. You go to each other for holidays, talk up sometimes, share the news. How, then, do not congratulate your ex's birthday and give him a gift?

"Just friends" or "what you can give to your ex-boyfriend"

You stayed in good relations with him, and each has his own life. Their interests, their views. But be that as it may, the gift must be chosen not somehow, in order not to hit the face with dirt. So, a former boyfriend or husband is not a stranger. What do we know about him?

  • He still smokes, and ashtrays as always in the house does not happen much. Go to the souvenir and buy a stylish beautiful ashtray, suitable for its interior. There should be no problems, because you know what his apartment looks like. Also, think of a cigarette case, a cool lighter.
  • The former husband is still alone and enjoys his freedom. Well, there is no limit to the fantasy! Give him fashionable clothes: sweaters, T-shirts, belts and other accessories. Who better than you to know his complexion.
  • Also, if no one is jealous of a young man, remember his taste in perfumery, because you can give your ex-boyfriend a favorite male scent with which he can seduce the fair sex.
  • The former already has a new girlfriend. Here you need to be careful, do not get into an awkward position and do not hurt the feelings of your ex-man's companion. That is, the gift should not remind you of your relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Give something neutral, for example, a variety of accessories for the computer, for his car, a book in the end. And even better to make them a practical "family gift": a set of wine glasses, a set for fondue, for sushi. You can show your originality and give the former boyfriend and his new girlfriend a plant, for which they will have to take care of him, take care of him, as if his love.

"I want to return it" or "what to give to the ex-boyfriend to remind myself"

It also happens that after rethinking all my mistakes, you realize that you want to return to your loved one. But how to do that? The task is not easy. It took a lot of time. There is nothing easier than to remind yourself of a gift to the former, subtly hinting about their feelings.

  • You can give your ex husband a certificate for visiting a restaurant. He must be for two. It is better to tell him that it is for both of you.
  • Were you a fun couple who prefer outdoor activities? Gather a company of your friends and go play paintball or go-karting! Better yet, think about rafting!
  • Remember everything that was dear to you that both of you appreciated. Make a gift that will symbolize all this, remind you about the best moments of your love.
  • The most sincere gift, as you know, is made with your own hands with all your heart. Collect your photos and videos: make a presentation on your computer. Surely, she will melt his heart and make you think about how good you were together.

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