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What to give to the teacher?

Tutors have their own professional holiday - Tutor's Day. On this day, of course, decided to give gifts. Gifts are a good way to thank these wonderful people for taking care of children and showing tremendous patience towards them.

However, as is usually the case, choosing a gift is not easy. Here it is necessary to understand and know the character of a person and thus select a gift so that he will like it. Let us consider in more detail what is best to give a caregiver.

A gift to parents from caregivers

There are many different options that you can give to the teacher personally. It can be both banal and original gift. Here are some examples of gifts:

  • chocolates or flowers. This is the most popular and uncomplicated gift that is given to educators quite often;
  • good tea or coffee will also be a great gift;
  • dishes, other household items or even household appliances are always a practical and good gift for the teacher.Many items will be useful in the household or will replace the old ones that I would like to change for a long time;
  • You can give a certificate to visit a beauty salon, massage or expensive clothing store;
  • Original gifts include handmade soap, a picture, a photo frame, unusual clothes or bed linen. In addition, in the photo frame you can always insert a collective photo of children and parents. The tutor is unlikely to put such a photo in the closet, but rather put it in a prominent place;
  • You can ask the child to draw or make something that will please the tutor. And it is better if the child himself will present the gift;
  • You can give a fairly original and touching gift in the form of an alarm clock, which will play a children's song. Also this song can be sung by your child. In addition to the alarm clock, you can give a night light, which will be poured with different colors or a lamp, inside of which the balls will take on different shapes with light. This will help the caregiver to relax and relieve stress after work.

Very seldom give money to caregivers.Of course, this may offend the educator and he will not accept such a gift, so it is worth refusing this idea.

Also, you can always join forces with other parents to buy a gift.

Collective gift

Here are some examples of what you can donate together:

  • something for the office of the head of the garden or caregiver. You can buy an expensive table, floor lamp, computer, or other useful items. Of course, it is better to find out in advance what things will be useful in the teacher’s office. It does not necessarily buy a practical gift. You can buy a thing that will decorate the look of the cabinet. For example, a small fountain, a tree, a beautiful wall clock, or something else;
  • You can buy expensive spices, tea or coffee;
  • Appliances. But it is advisable to first ask what the caregiver needs at home. You can donate anything from computer technology. For example, a printer, thanks to which the tutor will be able to print their photos and documents. A good printer is quite expensive, so only a group of parents can give it;
  • a good option would be a gift certificate;
  • You can give a beautiful jewelry or jewelry;
  • You can surprise the caregiver and give him a collective poster with an appeal from parents and their children. Such a poster can be ordered at any photo studio. The design of the poster can be done by any of the parents who own the basic skills of computer design and simple multimedia programs.

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