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What to make of cones?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
November 26, 2014
What to make of cones?

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What to make of cones?

Make original crafts from cones under the power of each: both child and adult. In order to experiment enough with this natural material, you will need to collect a small bag of cones in the forest in advance before winter comes.

So, what can be made from cones? There are a lot of options, and today we will tell you what crafts can be made for the new year using bumps.

Cones wreath

To make a Christmas wreath, you will need:

  • bumps
  • glue,
  • beautiful ribbons
  • scissors
  • Crafts from conesharness and flexible branches, or any other basis,
  • paints, glitter.

We start the craft:

  1. We take branches and make a bagel out of them, wrapping them with a cord to keep the construction well.
  2. Pasting cones on the base, add various bows, decorations to the composition and sprinkle with glitter and golden paint on top.


You can also make beautiful New Year's toys on the Christmas tree from the cones.

  • To do this, take a pine cone and paint it with gold or silver paint, decorate with beads.Glue the bow, which will hang a toy.
  • From the cones you can make hedgehogs, owls, funny little men who canCrafts from conesplace under the tree. For this you need clay, feathers, any natural material and a bit of your imagination. The base will be a bump, and other parts of the body will be attached to it.
  • The cones make beautiful candlesticks. Making them is very simple. Enough basics, candles, cones, some beautiful beads and ribbons.
  • A regular Christmas tree can be replaced with a homemade one, which will consist entirely of cones. Take a cone of any size, it will depend on how many cones you have and how high you want to make the tree. Cone can be made, for example, from cardboard. Then glue the bumps on it, tight enough so that there are no gaps. And decorate the Christmas tree with all the materials at hand. Cones can again be painted with paint or sequins.

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