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What to say when meeting?

This article is more suitable for closed young people who are not very confident. If a girl or a young man does not know how to build a conversation correctly, then this can and should be learned. From the materials of this article you will learn what to say when meeting.

Boys Tips

If a girl met on the street and there is a desire to meet her, then you need to know exactly how to behave when meeting someone, what to say to the girl:

Here are some recommendations:

  • A rather traditional greeting "Hello!", Uttered sincerely and with all my heart, can in this case make the necessary, very pleasant impression.
  • It’s good if a man just as frankly tells a girl that she has beautiful eyes. Or her great outfit. You need to say something very pleasant, for example, to tell her that her perfume exudes a wonderful fragrance.
  • If the girl is wearing some extravagant detail of the toilet, then the young man should notice her and ask herself the question, "What can I say about this?". Be sure to show the girl that you are observant and can appreciate her toilet.
  • The next phrase may be: "I saw you, and I certainly wanted to talk to you"
  • Compliments and everything that says a man should sound sincere, and not look like "on-duty" phrases.
  • The girl will appreciate the easy, with a hint of humor approach.
  • Women mostly like men polite, courteous, not allowing themselves boorish and dismissive attitude.
  • Sometimes women may be interested in some theatricality of phrases. Easy jokes, subtle rally will seem to them funny and funny.

Mistakes when meeting a girl

Now consider the typical mistakes that should not be allowed in a conversation with a girl when meeting.

  • In no case can not be silent. Find common interests with the girl, trying to bring communication to deeper topics. The girl should be interested in conversation. But you can not talk without stopping too. You need to behave naturally and calmly, and then it becomes clear what and when to speak.
  • Do not try to interest the girl too much, vigorously, telling her everything about herself, her hobbies, etc. We must briefly talk about yourself, keeping calm and some coldness.

The secret of communication

There is one secret that will unmistakably help to understand not only what to say when meeting a girl, but also what to say when communicating further with her. According to the famous Carnegie, the most interesting interlocutor for us will not be the one who speaks about himself, but the one who speaks about us, about what interests us personally. That is, the best topics for a conversation with a girl will be topics about herself. Of course, you need to know something about her. That's why asking questions when meeting. About her family, about her hobbies, about what she loves and what she hates. The girl herself will be happy to talk about her trips to training, about brothers and sisters, about whether her grandparents are still alive. She enthusiastically tells about her four-legged pet, or about an aquarium with fish. But questions should be asked tactfully, without onslaught and pressure, so that it does not resemble an interrogation. Answers need to be listened to carefully, and if further communication is planned, of course, they will be memorized.

Tips for a girl

Men are very sensitive creatures, sometimes one reckless phrase, and acquaintance can end in nothing. The article will tell you what to say when meeting a man and what you shouldn’t say.

  • Do not be nervous. The excitement when dating is inherent in all, but it is impossible for a man to notice it. Nervousness they do not like. No need to swing your foot, beat on the tabletop or "crunch" with your fingers.
  • It is impossible to make plans for the future right away, and even more, to talk about it out loud. Men do not like this agility.
  • The opinion that men like silly women is wrong. Men do not like clumsy speech, incorrectly constructed phrases and inability to choose the right words. This means that men like smart women, just do not have much to “trump up” their erudition.
  • It is impossible for a man to publicly humiliate or manipulate him. No matter how he treats a woman, he definitely will not like it.
  • Need to smile, joke, laugh. It will defuse any, even the most intense situation. Only laughter should not be too loud or hysterical.
  • Women's kindness is a huge plus, but excessive sentimentality can scare a man away. Unnecessary tears should be avoided at the first acquaintance, otherwise the first date risks becoming the last. In unpleasant situations, you must respond with dignity. A man will appreciate the woman’s ability to control himself in difficult situations.
  • Men like women who have their own opinion, but cannot impose it.In no case can not in order to please a man, agree with all his thoughts. To the man it will seem boring.
  • You can not talk about their past relationships. The man is the owner, he does not like it.
  • If a woman occupies a leadership position and is used to talking in a commanding voice, she should forget about it when she first met a man, and during subsequent communication too. A rare man can tolerate it.
  • To a man did not feel deprived of attention and somewhat abandoned, all telephone conversations at the time of communication should be postponed.
  • To a man wanted to continue the acquaintance must remain a mystery to him.

Conversation topics with men

  • Business and work. You can tactfully and unobtrusively ask about what a man does, who he works with and whether he likes it. Do not ask questions about wages.
  • Leisure. Learn about the hobbies of men. Maybe this is fishing. Or he is attracted to technology or motorcycle racing.
  • Friends. Ask if they are and how long are friends.
  • Sport.
  • Dreams. Not everyone will immediately share them, but you can try to find out.

After reading this article, it will become clear what to say when meeting people of the opposite sex.


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