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What to see at the 2016 Golden Mask Festival?

Theatrical life: a short plan. From February to April we go to the theater with the program of the festival “Golden Mask” in our hands. On April 16, we are planning a TV viewing or personal presence at the award ceremony. Next, we discuss the decision of the jury, inspect those performances that did not have time to cover, and wait for the next “Mask”. Saturated, but achievable.

Before the tireless person, eager to cover all the names in the program, the task is not easy, because the list of nominees at this time expanded to 25 drama performances, 24 contenders for the best direction. But while we are counting and thinking, the performances are getting closer - there are less and less tickets for sale. Let's pay attention to, so to say, performances which are temporarily available in the capital's scenes.

Alexandrinsky Theater enters into competition with several productions at once. In the space of the Center. Meyerhold will revive two performances of the theater. Firstly, the Mirror through the looking glass of Vladimir Sorokin called “Tellurium».


Secondly, the experimental production "Earth"Will transform the hall into a football field, where serious passions flare up. And it does not occur to me at once that the motive was the confrontation between the Komsomol members and kulaks in the film "Land" of Alexander Dovzhenko in 1930.


Well, how can you miss the performance of a large form - the production of Valery Fokin "Masquerade. Memories of the future", Which will be shown at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov? The legendary performance of Meyerhold came to life, the costumes were restored ... But it wasn’t enough without the spirit of modernity.

"Masquerade. Memories of the future "

In early February on the stage of the Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko will perform the opera of the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater "The Queen of Spades". The performance of Mikhail Pandzhavidze is sustained in the classical framework, but not without space for directorial searches, which, like the work of conductor Alexander Anisimov and, of course, the actors, allowed the performance to appear in all possible nominations.

"The Queen of Spades"

Among the performances of small form is worth mentioning "Month in the village", Presented Yaroslavl Drama Theater. Volkov. Director Yevgeny Marcelli knows how to work with theatrical space, offering, for example, viewers to take a seat on the stage, as well as with various kinds of literary material.A confirmation of this is an increasing number of Golden Masks. This time the director offers to hear comedic notes in the famous text of Turgenev.

"Month in the village"

You can turn back time by becoming a spectator of a small form performance.Elementary particles", Represented by the Novosibirsk theater" Old House ". The place of action is the famous Academgorodok near Novosibirsk, which is seething with scientific research. The time of action is once not now, because the heroes are talking about the future, not about ours — about their own, which has turned to us on the way. The performance participates in the competition in three nominations.

"Elementary particles"

The Chelyabinsk Theater of Contemporary Dance brings the production “Meetings", Participating in the competition program in the nominations" Contemporary Dance / Performance "and" The Work of the Choreographer ". The choreographer of the performance, Olga Pona, speaks in the language of dance about meetings that fill life with movement, energy, or rather life itself.


The treasure among the performances of nominees that go on the scenes of the northern capital, can be called statementUp & DownTheater Boris Eifman. At the heart of - Fitzgerald's novel "The night is tender." Note that the ballet is present in three categories.

Up & Down

A curious experience for the theater-goers will be the presence at the performance of Dmitry Volkostrelov called "Lecture on something»(Theater Post), which will be shown in the walls of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. But only 12 are lucky. The rest will have to come another time. Structurally, the performance is still a lecture, that is, do not look for the usual scene, curtain and auditorium. Instead, a white cube, screens, consoles and twelve chairs. This experience can be called an experiment, for this reason it appears in the out-of-competition program "Mask Plus".


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