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What to see children in Moscow?

January 24, 2015
What to see children in Moscow?

The capital of Russia has been popular among tourists at all times. What is interesting to see in Moscow? Anyone who comes here with children can visit the museum, stroll through the park or go to the rink. Next, we consider several specific options.

Attractions for children

Children may be interested in these places:

  • Great Circus, located on Vernadsky Avenue. Every child will want to attend a bright and fun presentation. The exciting program and performances of professional artists will cause admiration of a small audience.Moscow
  • In the zoological museum presents the most interesting species of animals that live on our planet. The child will broaden their horizons and learn a lot.
  • The Museum of Cosmonautics will interest not only children, but also adults. He clearly displays the history of space exploration by man. Among the exhibits are models of space technology, lunar soil samples and other equally interesting objects.Planetarium
  • The planetarium is what children need to see in Moscow.On its dome reproduced the most accurate map of the sky, including 9 thousand stars. A lot of modern exhibits will help the child to feel like a real scientist. The building is divided into several functional areas.
  • In winter, in Moscow, you can visit the largest parks of the capital. Even in the cold season there is a lot of entertainment. Here, rollers are poured, ice slides are made and festive programs are held for the New Year holidays and Maslenitsa.

Now you know where to go with the child in the capital in the winter, so that leisure is useful and exciting.


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