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What to take to rest?

Whether a mountain of suitcases, or a small case of a vacationer gathered for a rest, should contain the most necessary items that can help to rest without discomfort. There are things whose absence can provoke a real catastrophe. For example, documents or money, without which vacation is simply impossible. Therefore, going on vacation, you should carefully check your luggage so that no annoying misunderstandings arise, and the long-awaited vacation was not irrevocably spoiled.

What to take to rest

When all questions regarding money, documents (including a driver's license), tickets are resolved and you can go on the road, open the suitcase and check the presence of less noticeable, but very significant items.


It will help keep the memory of the most important moments of the trip. At the end of time in the evenings, you can relive joyful moments once again, share impressions with friends, and surprise many of your acquaintances. Shoot a lot and often, especially since modern digital cameras allow you to do it without extra cost.

Helpful information

Prepared in advance, will be most helpful when planning excursions. It is advisable to pre-set for yourself the priority attractions that are desirable to visit during the holidays. A detailed map of the area will not leave a chance to get lost and will be useful when looking for the shortest path.

Book or magazine

They won't let you get bored on the way. Fans of board games will benefit from checkers, chess or other entertainment options that you can take to rest. They can be in demand at the place of rest.


Rid fans of a bronze skin tone from the possible troubles that are fraught with the first days of sunbathing. It is especially important to have it when children go on holiday with you. Use only proven ointments, because it is not the best time to experiment.


Just needed when driving or for a comfortable stay in the sun. This is not only an effective means of protection from the sun's rays, but also a stylish accessory.

Swimsuit and Slippers

Indispensable on the beach. If you feel in the water like a fish, then you can take a spare swimsuit.Then there will be no discomfort associated with the feeling of wet clothes on the body. Reliable slippers get rid of burning and sharp stones.


It is necessary for safety when walking in the open sun. A hat, baseball cap or hat will protect you from sunstroke and cast a saving shadow over your eyes. One of the most important items of clothing that everyone just has to take to rest in the summer.


Provide a stable connection with the "outside" world. Through a mobile phone, you can learn about news at home or at work, and a laptop will allow you to visit the necessary pages on the Internet, post fresh photos on your blog or solve suddenly-occurring working moments. In addition, it is the most reliable "medicine" for children who are scant-minded.


May need at any time. Of course, you can, if necessary, buy them at a local pharmacy. But there is no guarantee that at the right moment they will be available. Even with excellent health, the presence of pills that can relieve a headache, correct the bowels or eliminate allergic symptoms will never hurt.When going abroad, consult about the restrictions on the transport of certain drugs through the customs territory.

Wet wipes

Can quickly perform disinfectant and hygienic function. They are demanded triple if a child travels with you. Moreover, it is not always and always possible to get access to water.

Protective spray

Get rid of the need to listen to the piercing squeak of mosquitoes all night. This is at least. And the maximum that he can do is to protect your skin from unbearable bites and possible diseases as a result.

In many cases, travel is associated with air travel. Always for your baggage there is a chance to land at the airport is not the one where you hoped to see it. Therefore, it is advisable that you find it necessary to take some of the things you take to rest, and leave some of your belongings in the form of hand luggage. Among them, it is desirable to have:

  • water;
  • moisturizing wipes;
  • a book or magazine;
  • vitamins to maintain immunity;
  • sandwiches (if you don't like the food on the plane);
  • pullover;
  • medicines that you regularly take.

It is best to sort all these things at home before leaving and put them in a separate bag or package.Then there will be no need to stir all your luggage at the airport.

Yes, and the most interesting: most people, going on vacation, must leave a corkscrew at home. You can do without it, but at the right moment it turns out that there is nothing to replace it with, and there is no place to buy at the moment.


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