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What to take with you on vacation to make awesome Instagram shots

Katarina Kudryashova July 16, 2018

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
stylist, blogger

Summer is in full swing, vacation time is too. Advanced women of fashion already know how to pack up on a summer trip and pack a suitcase (tips from the series “put five interchangeable T-shirts and underpants for every day” just past them) - think through all the images in advance so that they fit in with the landscape, the hotel’s entourage and so on. In short, the world of Instagram, hold on! We analyzed the tape of the most popular social network and made a list of the main fashion must-haves, without which the release of true instagrant people definitely won't take place.

Huge wide-brimmed hat

In this accessory, similar to an elephant's ear, all known fashionable women and beauties managed to capture themselves, from Emily Ratakovsky to Ani Rubik. Needless to say, thanks to this hat, and also a sarong beach skirt of a sunny yellow color, the brand Jacquemus received its lucky ticket in Vogue summer rooms around the world and the key to the hearts of the most demanding customers.


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