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What to wear to the disco?

Natalia Gredyushko
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Soon the weekend, is expected another trip to the disco? Then look into your wardrobe and seewhat to wear to the disco.Don't you like anything or is there so much to choose? Then we go the other way and consider the upcoming evening from the point of view of the final result. First you need to decide what you are going to a disco for, because not everyone goes just for the sake of rubbing the sole.

What to wear in the disco girl

If you just want to tear off the dance floor, then no narrow mini-skirts, stilettos and tight jackets. Jeans, a print top or with rhinestones, comfortable shoes (for some it�s just sneakers) is the surest result for showing off your dancing abilities. You can replace the jeans are not too short loose skirt, for example, in the fold, or shorts. As for accessories, a small handbag on a long strap, a belt with rhinestones and bright earrings will complement the picture of evening dress. But the owners of slender legs perfectly fit leggings, elongated top or turtleneck.

We decided to just sit in the bar and chat with friends? Cocktail dress, high heels, clutch, wide bracelets and jewelry - the very thing. From dresses to the floor is better to give up completely. Night clubs and discos, as a rule, are overflowed and there is a possibility that a new skirt in a pleat to the floor can become not only a big minus, but also be simply dangerous.

If you want the evening to end in a pleasant society of a young man, then you can not do without the defiant part of the wardrobe. A bright top with a high neckline, a miniskirt, or skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, high heels � that's just what you need. In any case, it is worth choosing what you like and what is convenient for you, since we expect to receive one from the evening, and the result may be different.

Mixing styles is also welcomed, it�s important to be distinguished and distinguished.

What to wear to the disco guy

With the wardrobe of the guys everything is more or less clear. These are jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. After all, they do not have a choice - sneakers or studs. In the warm season, and only for erasing the soles of shoes on the dance floor, you can wear shorts (not just beach shorts) and the third season, the so-called alcoholic T-shirt.And she can wear and girl. An excellent classic option to attract the attention of the beautiful half of humanity will be a set of narrow trousers, a shirt and a vest. Accordingly, it makes no sense to choose a headdress; men should be in the room without it - the rule.

It is important to remember that dressed as a traffic light with a surplus of cosmetics and jewelry, while reminding you of the New Year tree, you will achieve attention, but also ridicule.


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