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What to write to the girl?

One of the components of communication and seduction in the modern world is different kinds of messages: SMS, MMS, and also communication via the Internet through numerous social networks, for example, Vkontakte, Classmates, MoiMir, etc. Today we will talk about what a girl can write to make her interested.

What to write to the girl: useful tips

Imagine that in the vast expanses of the Internet you met a girl, but at first you may find it difficult to start a conversation with the subject of sighs, because you know little about the girl. Or the opposite situation: you are throwing her messages that she simply ignores, because for some reason she is not interested in them. In the first case, you do nothing and wait for her to write you the first message, in the second case, cause her irritation and unwillingness to talk to you.

Remind you in whose hands the salvation of drowning people? Yes, you still have to first write a message and not just something well-worn like “Hello!”, “How are you?” Or “How are you?”, “What are you doing?”, Etc., because, rather In total, your message will be unanswered or will end on its concise "Good" or "Nothing."

What to write to the girl in contact

Many social networks have questionnaires that their participants fill out, so do not be lazy and read the column with its interests. Choose as a topic for conversation not only what she loves, but also a topic that will be close to you, otherwise you will slip back into concise answers. Whatever topic you choose, it should be easy, fun and pleasant communication.

If it’s very difficult to search for what you like to write to a girl, you can choose from the following topics:

  • music, as many add or upload it to their personal pages. You can see which directions or performers are interesting for a girl, the release of a new album of her favorite band, discuss upcoming concerts, talk about groups of interest to you, whose concerts you would like to visit, etc.
  • movies: what recent film shows you saw, what premieres did she go to, discuss why you liked or didn’t like the masterpieces of cinema, etc.
  • favorite books and authors.
  • sport, if you understand that she is interested in a particular sport or dance.
  • animals. Most of the weaker sex has a weakness for the brothersour smaller.
  • events, various upcoming events or holidays to be held in your city.

What to write to the girl in the first message

In order to develop your relationship and start a conversation that will gradually turn into real life, remember that the interest you have caused during the correspondence should constantly increase. And for this it is necessary to interest and intrigue your interlocutor. Make it so that she has more questions than she gets answers. An interested person always willingly enters into correspondence and agrees to a meeting. The results obtained should be constantly consolidated and maintained, that is, do not loosen the grip and not reduce the heat. Remember, for any person, regardless of gender and age, the most interesting will be all that concerns “I”, that is, themselves. Questions, as well as in a personal conversation, and in correspondence should be built around the interlocutor, his personality, his character, etc.

For example, you write "Our common friends told me something about you." Your interlocutor in his head immediately raises a lot of questions to which he wants to get answers: who told; what told; and not a trick; what if he really knows something, etc.Another advantage of this strategy is that while thinking on this topic, a girl will simultaneously think about you.

If you do not want to puzzle over what to write, so that the girl answered, use the examples below:

  • I know something about you;
  • I know your secret;
  • I was told about you a very interesting thing;
  • I know you will be interested;
  • I have a thing that will interest you;
  • Your style of dress reveals your secrets, etc.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to start a correspondence, the main thing is to arouse the interest of the girl to yourself, and therefore, you need to be original and persistent.

How to surprise a girl or write a nice girl? In the process of communication, you can pleasantly hit the girl with non-standard and original compliment. Also do not forget about flattery, which must also be original and elegant. Do not be lazy to invent your answers and move away from generally accepted strategies.

What to write to your girlfriend

If you already have a relationship, congratulations! But do not write long poems, for a start, ask yourself what you would like to say in a personal meeting. This could be a quote from her favorite movie or book, or a simple message like “I’ve missed you, I’ll tell you the rest.”If you are not in a romantic relationship, then the recognition in feelings through the message of the desired result will not bring you.

What to write to the ex-girlfriend

First you need to decide for what purpose you are going to disturb the peace of your ex-girlfriend. Most often messages are used for parting or for returning a relationship. In both cases, behave like a man; emotionality is a woman's privilege. When parting, do not forget that besides the quarrels you probably had happy moments.

If you want to return the ex-girlfriend, then start by showing your interest in matters that are really important for her: graduation from the university, diploma defense, employment, etc.


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